Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby Food

Today I decided that I would start feeding Lillian some baby food, in hope this helps her to sleep better through the night, 5 or 6 hours would be perfect! I have been researching baby food for awhile now and decided I would rather make my own. I found a few really good websites that are all about homemade baby food, which I will have links to at the bottom of this post. Lillian is ready for some good stuff!!!!
Today I mashed up about 1/4th of a ripe banana for Lillian to eat, she loved it! I didn't mix it with anything and tried to mash it as much as I could with a fork, she did have a few bigger chunks but that didn't seem to bother her any! I froze the rest of the banana so that she could eat it the next few days before we move on to advocates! I was planning on feed her advocates first but since I just bought them at the store yesterday, they are not ripe enough to eat. I figure once we get through the banana, the advocates will be ready to eat. Yum! Yum!
I also chopped up some brown rice for her that I can mix in with the bananas and other foods. Just a simple box of whole grain brown rice that I already had up in the cabinet and poured some in the blender and chopped it up really fine. I may have made it too fine but I figure that should be OK for Lillian. I then poured it in a storage container ready to be cooked. (I may do that with oatmeal too, it's got to be better than the Gerber cardboardish flakes she doesn't like!)
I do plan on cooking or steaming many other fruits (and veggies once we get to them) that I will give Lillian. I figure that with making her own baby food I can give her what I want and not have fewer selections when it comes to the food at the store. I can expose her to much more and I can give her what we eat at dinner once she gets old enough. Not to mention I know exactly what is going into her food, a lot of baby food at the store has other additives and such in them that are not necessary. I think my blender will become our new best friend!
I did see/drool over this HERE really nifty baby food maker in my William Sonoma kitchen catalog, but really for the price and only using it for one last baby, not worth it! I do like the freezer trays they have, but an ice cubed tray wrapped in aluminum foil works too! Here are some links that I have been reading and loving!

I have looked at buying a baby cookbook online, but not sure which one I would want or if I would really need one. The above websites have so many different recipes and filled with great information, that they should keep us going for awhile!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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