Thursday, March 31, 2011

She's a Happy Baby!

Finally after about two weeks of being grumpy Lillian is back to her normal happy self! With being sick for about the past two weeks she has cried way to much. I'm talking, she seemed to have colic kind of crying, she would cry for no reason on end! I was starting to think that maybe my little girl was going to be grouchy for the rest of her life and that I would need to send her off to boarding school for babies as soon I could! OK, maybe a slight exaggeration, but really she was frustrating and I only seemed to like her best when she was asleep! I know that sounds horrible, really all she did was cry and cry and lets see, whimper a bit then cry! I knew she didn't feel good at all, she had a fever, gunky eye and horrible cough, but now that is all history!

Now my Lillie Pie is squealing in delight, sometimes for no reason and smiling sooo much more! She's a happy baby! Finally! Yesterday she really started to get back to her normal self and today too! We have started to give her some Little People to play with and she loves them so much she wants to eat them! Pork chop anybody!
Lillian is starting to sit up somewhat by herself now, she hasn't figured out that when she leans back she falls back! (I'm surprised she didn't fall back while I was taking her pictures!)
Deciding which animal to eat next! Mmm, they all look so yummy!
How about some puppy chow!
Jacob loving on her as usual!
Jacob started preschool on Wednesday for just a few weeks and he seems to enjoy it once he becomes busy. He didn't want me to leave at first but thankfully he became distracted and so I sneaked out! The picture below cracks me up, he looks so serious at his desk, here at home, doing his "homework" he wants to be like the big kids!
I do a homeschool preschool curriculum for him during the week here at home. We had decided not to send him to a regular preschool this year with everything that we have going on and with moving. I love the preschool curriculum I have for him here at home, in fact they even have curriculum for tiny tots as small as 10 or 12 months old! That may be too extreme, but I haven't really looked into yet! What we do is somewhat of a Montessori/Christian based/Charlotte Mason style if that makes any sense at all! I will have to do a post on that sometime in the future! Anyway, I am just glad to have my happy baby back!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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