Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One Room Done!

I would have blogged about our spring break, but it was horrible! Two little ones decided to become sick and then share the love and get me sick! So I shared it with Chad! Not to mention the weather was yucky cold and didn't feel like spring! Things did turn around for us and we managed to get one room completely finished! How exciting is that! (Unfortunately everything is now being stored in that room until we get the others done!)
When we first put the varnish on the floors the wood really sucked it all up, and ended up putting three coats on the floor. They look really pretty now, for being about 130 years old! We used a glossy in Lindsey's room and we decide to use a satin in the rest of the house, the glossy is really pretty but will show every piece of dust and scratch on the floor! We had finished varnishing the floors in Lindsey's room and then put up her bed and new bedding set that she had in the closet for a over year! She was excited to get started decorating, we still need to put her desk, dresser and some more pretties on the walls. I think what we are wanting for that room is more beachy chic with a touch of whimsy, but we'll see what we come up with!
Her comforter set came from Target, the Shabby Chic children's line. The walls are painted Sandy Oasis by Dutch Boy. (I think this is the only room that doesn't have a Benjamin Moore Color in it!) The bed frame was given to us from someone locally and the signs are from a cute local shop!
Slowly, I am starting to pack things up and take over there and hopefully we will be moving in about two weeks. OK, we will be moving in about two weeks, because I am tired of waiting! Chad finished putting the last coat of varnish in the other bedroom that has wood floors tonight so we can start to decorate in there in the next few days! I'm thinking tractors for that room! Now we have four more rooms to varnish and then the floors will be done!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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