Monday, March 7, 2011

Lillian 5 Months Old!

Oh my Lillie pie, you are five months old! You are become quite the playful little girl, to hear you giggle is the sweetest little thing! You are very ticklish under your cute chubby chin. You are doing an incredible job reaching for things as your eye hand coordination is really developing. It's cute to watch you reach and grab for your toys. When I lay you on your belly you always seem to roll over back over, so I usually have to spark your interest so you won't go over so soon. When your on your belly sometimes you push all the way up with your hands, like a really big girl!
You love to read your books and my magazines, such as Better Homes and Garden and Country Living! (Could you come up with some decorating ideas for my office!?) You love to touch the pages in your books and I caught you trying to chew on your favorite book, The Big Red Barn! (Please don't do that!) You look sooo cute in the dresses I made for you two weeks ago, and I foresee modeling in your near future! Lindsey has agreed that you can take over for her when it comes to modeling, but she also said "I still want to do some modeling"!
We tried the whole cereal thing which you didn't really like, and it most definitely didn't help you sleep any better at night. I haven't figured out why you like getting up at 12 am and then 3 am, especially when you then get up at 6:30 with the kids! (Really honey, nothing but the news is on TV that early in the morning on the one channel that we have!) I have decided that we are going to homemade baby food which I won't start giving you until around the end of the this month. I still have to do some research on that! (That should give me plenty of time!) You sure are growing like a pretty Lily flower and we love you to the moon and back!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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