Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 Days of Decorating Inspiration: Day 5 Pallets

Today I am finding decorating inspiration from pallets, yes those somewhat ugly things that most of our products are shipped on! I am so amazed at how people have found such neat ways to reuse things. Creativity where are you and could please visit me, thanks!
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A desk using pallets, what a great work space that is!
Image via Frenchbydesign
Bookshelf's, I love these and need a few for our playroom! They look so easy to build, I could probably do it myself!
Image via funkyjunkinteriors
Image via re-nest
Hello pallet wall, how cool are you! I love it!
Image via funkyjunkinteriors
Image via AshleyAnnPhotography
I seen this pallet bed over at Ashley's blog and think it such a neat idea!
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Oh the things you can do with a simple pallet, who would have thought! Now I need to find myself some pallets and build something fun! I hope you found some decorating inspiration, be sure to check out The Nester for more 31 days...! Blessings, Lisa

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