Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Days of Decorating Inspiration: Day 9 Benches

I love a good bench to sit on and one that looks pretty! We will be needing a small bench before this winter for the kids to sit on while putting their snow boots on and off. Of course I want to have Chad build me one that is custom to the spot I want to put it. So for now I am in the planning stage since it will be custom and I really don't know exactly what I want yet.
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I love this bench that was made from a baby crib, now I know exactly what to do with the crib when Lillian gets done with it! Although, sometimes it seems that she doesn't really sleep in her crib she would rather sleep with me!
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I like the way they stacked a smaller bench atop a longer bench to add height. I also like the buckets to store things in, I will be needing to get me a few for all the hats, gloves and scarfs that I am really not ready for! For more 31 Days... visit The Nester, blessings, Lisa

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