Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lillian is One Year Old!

So my little Lillian turned one year old on Friday, I can't believe how fast that first year went! Gosh it seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. On Friday I had to go to the store and get a few things and Lillian wore her cute pink tutu into the store and the people were gushing all over her. I can't help it she is sooo cute! I also took her pictures that night over at the farm, she wasn't as into it as I had hoped she would be. I had everything all planned out for as far as how I wanted her to pose but nope nothing really happened on her part! She could care less that I wanted her to sit and look cute in the chair or stand up against the chair for just a picture or two. She was more interested in watching the other kids play and picking at the weeds than to look at my camera!
Awwww, look at her picture from last year, she was so tiny!
On Saturday we had a party for her and I like to think she had a blast, which I am sure she did! Unfortunately I think she had a little to much cake because at two in the morning she was wound up ready to play! Lindsey and her friend wanted to decorate for her party so we put up some streamers on the front porch and decorated a table for her gifts and pictures. I think the girls had fun helping out! Here is the pom pom we made from tissue paper, Lillian liked looking at, she thinks it pretty!
The table with her magic wands in a water pitcher for all the little girls that came.
Then we let her eat cake!
Of course she started out very lady like!
Next she decide she didn't need a plate anymore!
We baked two birthday cakes one was a vanilla and chocolate chip bundt cake and the other one was a pumpkin bundt cake, Lillian ate the pumpkin bundt cake! (I am not a fan of store bought cakes so we usually make our own, it's yummier that way!) We all had a fun time at her party and we get to have another party next month for Lindsey's birthday! Our littlest baby girl is growing so fast and learning so much we love you pretty baby Happy First Birthday Lillian! Blessings, Lisa

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