Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Celebration!!!!

Jacob and I celebrated our birthday together today!!!! He turned 4 and I turned, well, another year older! I have found that with having the same birthday as Jacob, it really keeps my age out of the picture. People typically ask Jacob how old he is rather than asking me how old I am, which is a good thing because lets face it I can't even remember how old I am! This morning we went to the tractor store for him to pick out what he wanted for his birthday. Out of all of the tractors, and they have some really expensive ones, he picked out the cheapest! Really, he choose a small $3.00 tractor, a truck and a plow, which totaled around $10 for all three!

I picked out the John Deere Tractor UNO card game which looked like fun! We play UNO all the time at house, the set we have now is Curious George and is missing maybe half the deck! (Which makes for some really short games!) It was so funny to watch him looking at all the
tractors and stuff, he is such a little man!

Jacob is such a funny, smart, caring little guy, he is a great little brother and a great big brother. He is the greatest little helper, he loves to help bake and for some reason likes to help fold all of the smaller towels and vacuum. His favorite color is John Deere (green), he loves to play tractors, he hardly ever watches TV, and is clueless when it comes to Disney characters, he loves to be outside, he can be a wild little man at times, he prefers to wear boots, can listen to the same few books over and over and over, absolutely loves the song International Harvester by Graig Morgan, and fun to love♥!

Here are a few pictures from our birthday celebration tonight!!!!
We put 5 candles on the cake 4 for him and 1 for me! If we put all of them on there, we probably would have burnt the cake!
He blew them out and then we both blew them out together! (That was his favorite part!) Mine was eating the cake! (Jacob isn't a big cake eater, he preferred the ice cream!)
Then he tried licking the tractor clean!
Then on to the presents!!!!
I got him the cutest little monkey, named Gus, that has magnetic hands!
We both shared another wonderful birthday together and Jacob is now four and I am yet another year younger!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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jenn said...

looks like you both had a GREAT birthday!