Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Very Busy Saturday!

Today was quite a busy day for us! Chad had to take my van to go get new tires on since I had pooped a tire yesterday on my way to town! Quite scary, I heard a pop while I was driving and then had to turn into someones drive way off of the highway, I got out walked around the van and didn't see anything. So I had to call Chad at work and when he got to where I was, my back tire was completely deflated! Thankfully I was only two, yes only two, miles from home! He put the funny looking spare tire on and I drove home. This morning I got four new tires put on, just what I've always wanted! Chad told me that was my birthday present! Not what I wanted for my birthday, I wanted french doors for the master bedroom!

Then we got the bathroom painted over at the other house! It turned out to be really light in color, almost as if they forgot to put the color in the paint! The color is Sea foam by Benjamin Moore and it is quite pretty! I can't wait to see what it looks like with the shower curtain and sink in place. Chad also put up the light fixture in the bathroom that I scored at Lowe's for $15 a few months ago!

OK enough of that boring stuff now on to the fun stuff! Kyle and Lindsey's school had a carnival tonight which turned out to be lots of fun! It was a little overwhelming with sooo much to see and do and the kid's loved the blow up slides. They had lots of games that they could play and win prizes along with big raffle prizes that could be won! (No we didn't win any but it was fun to watch!) I didn't take a whole lot of pictures while we were there simply because I had Lillian in the sling and found it complicated to juggle her, a purse, bag full of goodies and my camera! At least I got a few pictures! Lindsey telling her friend about her cousin who came with us.
All three had a blast and they also had a kiss the pig contest towards the end of the night. I was expecting a huge pig to come out and what do know, they bring this cute little baby pig! Gosh, I would have even kissed that little pig! The kids still thought it was funny to watch the little baby pig! Blessings, Lisa

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