Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day 2011!

This years Valentines is very boring compared to last years found here! I don't think anything will ever top last years Valentine's day gift that I gave Chad! Even though he had to weight nine months for the other half! Chad and I didn't even go out to eat dinner, not with a cranky baby. I told him we will have to make plans for my birthday then!
We ended up making Valentine cookies on Monday after school. I broke the E when I was trying get off the pan!
The boys would have rather played in the frosting and food coloring than decorate the cookies!
Lindsey also made cute little bracelets for all of the girls in her class, I did help her with some of them! Poor girl got one of her bracelets all beaded up and handed it to me to tie and before she could even give it to me.∴. all over the table and floor! Then I went to tie another one that she made and again... they spill everywhere! So I felt obligated to help her since I did ruin two she worked hard on! Kyle and Jacob were both into the beaded bracelet making thing too! I was amazed how good Jacob could manipulate the tiny beads on to that tiny little band! (His patience did start to grow thin after awhile!)
I am glad Valentines day is over and gone and slowly the cards will dwindle their way in the trash! Blessings, Lisa

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