Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Taking Pictures!

I have always liked photography and pretty pictures but I have to admit I have fallen in love with it over the past few years. Maybe having some pretty cute kids to take pictures of has something to do with♥! I will admit I have become a mamarazzi for sure, always snapping pictures, I'm sure the kids are slightly embarrassed! (If not now I'm sure they will be in a few years!)

I have had photoshop Elements for my computer for the past three years and just now figured out how to put pictures in and out of it! The only thing that I have really used it for was school related. It does have some pretty cute backgrounds with little buses and chalkboards on it! Last time I used it was for a pretty awesome science lesson that needed to be typed out and printed off! I am now enjoying how to figure out what to do with my pictures. I am excited to be able to create some fun pictures to decorate the house with!

I had Chad take a few pictures with Lillian a few days ago, I was wanting a certain look to my picture and I believe I have actually achieved what I was envisioning! Thankfully Chad and Lillian were very willing participants, I think they have come to the realization that I love to take pictures and to just deal with it! Here is a before picture:
And here is the after:
I was excited to see the it actually turned out how I wanted it to, even Chad liked it! Now I just need to order these online through my print company and hang somewhere in the new house. Here is another one that I did, before and after:Chad's "working hands" as I call them and little delicate Lillian, doesn't get more opposite than that! I have only figured out how to do photos with black and white and/or sepia so now I need to try and figure out what to do with color pictures! Hopefully it won't take me three years to figure that out! Blessings, Lisa

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More than Survival said...

LOVE, love, love, LOVE these pictures!!!!!!!! ENJOY them hanging in your new home!!