Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little Green Swing Clothing

This week over at Kelly's Korner Blog she is hosting "show us what you make", so today I am linking up! I design and sew children's boutique style clothing, I started my business up in the summer of 2008 and have loved it ever since. The reason I started was not only my love of fabrics and sewing but to make cute little comfy pants for my little chunky baby boy and I wanted some cute duds for my daughter Lindsey without paying way to much money. I started my business just for the fun of and not thinking that anything would ever become of it. I was surprised that it had grown as much as it has over the years and I am so thankful to all of my amazing customers.

The name Little Green Swing came from us having only one little green swing on our playhouse in the backyard. When ever the kids would go outside to play they always "called" the green swing way before they would get to it! Now, of course we have more than one green swing and that phrase doesn't get said as often, but it will always be remembered at our house! Also, Little Green Swing is meant to be fun, I like for my designs to be fun and for all of the little people to have fun wearing them!!!!

Here are just some of my designs, more can be found in my online shop and in my etsy shop
I have decided to do a Giveaway for this fun little dress pictured below!
Sizes are from 6 month up to girls size 8.
You have three chances to win so good luck!!!!
Here's how to win!!!!
~ Leave a comment on this post
~ Follow Little Green Swing Blog (then leave a comment letting me know you did.)
~ Give Little Green Swing your thumbs up on Facebook found here (and leave a comment if you did.)

If you don't have a blog and wish to be entered into the drawing please email me at littlegreenswing{at}yahoo{dot}com and I will enter you into the drawing!!!!

The drawing will take place on Tuesday March 1st! Good luck and thanks for swinging by!!!! Blessings, Lisa


hilary_brousseau said...

Just "liked" you on Facebook! Your stuff looks great, and my two-year-old daughter would love that dress!

Mandy T. said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Morgan's TC shirt! I think it's time to get a new dress or two for spring/summer as well! I've thought your stuff was cute since I started following your blog at the beginning of the school year! Good luck with your contest!

Mandy T. said...

Ok...I have all three tasks completed...I like you on Facebook, I've left my comment on this post, and I follow your blog! Check, Check, and Check! Thanks Lisa!

More than Survival said...

You make ADORABLE clothes!! If I win my niece will LOVE this dress (sz 8)... she loves all things about CUTE dresses!!!

Also... your house is really looking great and the picture of Jacob with his painted wall is one of my all time favorite pictures I have ever seen! You need to blow that one up really big and frame it!!!!!

V-n-J said...

Your kids are beautiful. I love the dresses you make. I liked you on FB as well:)

The Clark Family said...

I loved the clothes. Would love to have some for my granddaughters.

jenn said...

WOW! your work is beautiful! I'm going to check out your etsy shop now!