Monday, February 14, 2011

Lets Play Ball!

On Saturday Kyle and Lindsey had basketball, they were both excited to go since they had to miss their last game due to the plague that made it's way to our house! I had been wanting to take some pictures of them before the basketball season is over. Little miss Lillie was not happy to be at the gym, she hardly slept that night before/very early morning and was not feeling well due to her shots which left her with some great side effects! Cranky baby being one of them! (Oh but we love her to pieces and glad she is doing much better now!)

I took some pictures of Kyle playing and unfortunately didn't get any of Lindsey! I tried to get some decent pictures but they wouldn't stand still and the lighting in the gym is horrible! Here is Kyle playing ball, he is number 6!
After basketball the Kyle and Lindsey wanted to go out to lunch at a cute little restaurant nearby. So we ate lunch and then headed home over this iron bridge that the kids like to go over! I admit it scares me driving over it because it is really loud once you hit the bridge! Kyle then asks me "how much does our van weigh?" I told him about a ton and he says "OK, good" I asked why and then he tells me the sign said Weight Limit 5 Tons! So I told him I guess we won't be driving a semi filled with grain in the back over that bridge! We then decided to drove back around the block to go over the bridge a second time!
We got home I took tried to take pictures of Kyle and Lindsey together!
They really do love each other!
Basketball is almost over for them and I can tell that they are all doing better and better with each game! They are such a joy to watch!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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