Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Painting The Kitchen!

Today we finally started painting the walls in the kitchen, how nervous/exciting! I usually get nervous about paint colors, I never know if I am going to like the color as well as I hoped. Thankfully I really like the color so far, which is a good thing considering the price of the paint and the time gone into painting.

The paint color I choose for the kitchen is Golden Chenille by Benjamin Moore. It does have a golden undertone and will look really pretty with our cabinets. Only half of the room has been painted so far, it is a big difference with the color on the wall as apposed to the bright white primer.
Jacob wanted to help paint so I let him! He actually did a really good job!
(For a three year old!)
Then he did this awesome paint job pictured below, he was sooo proud and even wanted his picture taken with his masterpiece!
What's great about having Jacob paint is that he doesn't ask for any money or really anything! He paints for free, how great is that!

We also finished up the bathroom which I really like the color in there. The color for the bathroom is Sea Foam by Benjamin Moore which is a really light blue/green color.
For the bathroom I am wanting to use very light in colors and have a beachy theme to it. I plan on using a simple white shower curtain and we bought a simple white vanity for in there. The bathroom is not big by any means so the brighter it is the bigger it will look. Lets hope so anyway! We have a local contractor coming in sometime this week to start working on putting the sub floors down in the kitchen, bathroom and utility room. Once he gets done with the floors then we can finish putting all the pieces together in those rooms! How exciting, everything is starting to come together!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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jenn said...

honestly, the proud look on his little face is enough to (gently) squeeze those cheeks and give him a big ol' kiss! ;-)