Monday, February 7, 2011

Four Months Old!

Lillian you are four months old today! It's also John Deere's birthday, and we all know how much we love tractors in this house! Well Lillian, you are becoming quite the little chunk you weigh 14 pounds and are 25 inches tall! Your sweet little thighs are getting so chubby and cute! Your favorite books that we are reading right now are Brown Bear Brown Bear, Ten Apples Up on Top, The Big Red Barn, just to name a few. You love to listen to music, during the day it's Elizabeth Mitchell and at night it's the O' Neill Brothers. You love when Kyle, Lindsey and daddy come home, and Jacob if he isn't with us.
Here you are dressed up with your tractor and keys, Little Farmer Lillie ready for work!!!!
You are starting to reach for things now, although you aren't quite good at grabbing what it your reaching for! Although, you have started to grab Jacob's face when he gives you kisses, I think he kinda likes it! You like to bring your legs up and try to reach for your toes. You are still a little bobble head at times, which I asked the doctor about and she said that it's still OK since you hold your head up really well when your on your belly and and pulled to a sit up position. (That's just me being super paranoid!)

Your doctor also said that you could start baby cereal now! I will probably do that towards the end of this month just to get you used to the texture of food. You still have never had a bottle before simply because you go everywhere I go! Aren't you lucky!!! I made you your first little pair of ruffle pants and you look so cute in them, just like Lindsey! Lindsey thought they were sooo cute the other day when I was making them, she couldn't wait to see them on you, I couldn't either!!!!

Here are some pictures I took of you in your cute double ruffle pants! Your daddy asked why I made two ruffles on them, he obviously doesn't know how much we love ruffles around here! I was shaking the keys to get you to smile but it wasn't working, you just wanted the keys to chew on!
You have this "great, I can't my keys, are we done yet!" look on your face!
Then I tried to get a picture of you with your super cute bib that I made just for you and this is the thanks I get!:
Obviously someone was done with the whole picture taking thing! Oh honey, you crack me up! We love you to pieces and will cherish these and so many more little moments with you!!!! Blessing, Lisa

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