Thursday, June 26, 2008

Take me out to the ball game!!!

Here is another pair of GO-GO board shorts for the little ones! This pair has super cute little vintage baseballs on them and just in time for summer. These shorts turned out to be so adorable! WOW, Baseball has been around for the past 150 years! I could give you a history lesson on baseball and the Civil War!!! (Don't worry I won't today, maybe next time! ha! ha!) So anyway back to these super cute shorts that you can find here in my shop! They are available in eight different sizes and ready for action. I have a few more things that I am working on and I hope to get them posted soon!!! Gotta go, we have a busy day today so until next time, have a wonderful day! Lisa

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Girl's down on the farm skirt

So here it is my latest creation in full bloom!!! So last night I made my little model put on her skirt and go outside, yet again, so I could snap a few pictures. Well, this photo session was fun!!! Little Lulu  wanted her picture taken by Hickory, (the horse in the picture below) so we walked down to where he was eating some grass and snapped a few. Then she wanted her picture taken with one of the Big tractors but I suggested she sit on daddy's new antique tractor  (which by the way, is about a 1950's Worthington,  yes I have driven it and it is loads of fun!!!) so thanks to my husband he got it out of the shed for us to use! The picture's turned out great and Lulu and I had fun on daddy's tractor. She is so goofy and makes the sillest faces ever!!! This skirt is perfect for any farm or city girl. Now I know what she can wear on the Forth of July, this skirt is perfect! You can get this super cute skirt in my shop here! Well until next time have a wonderful day!!!  Lisa

Strawberry Picking

So I have two different events to post today!!! This first one is from when we went strawberry picking at the neighbors. The children and I love fresh strawberry's and as you can see there weren't very many to pick.
I love the picture above the little bear just couldn't wait to get his paws on them!!! LOL          

Hey, save some for me!!!

This is one of the little bears and his new toy. Daddy's pop bottle filled with pinto beans! (Yes, I did wash the bottle out before inserting the beans! I also should tape the top so he won't spill the beans!!!) He enjoy's it and he is learning cause and effect by shaking it. Who needs lead painted toys we have pop bottle's!!! Well off to the next post!!!    Lisa

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Paradise Island Skirt

This is the Paradise Island Skirt. I am so excited with the way it turned out!!! I, of course love this skirt pattern. (I designed it myself!) This pattern has lots of twirling power! The Paradise Island Skirt is made from Amy Butlers new fabric from the midwest modern collection. This skirt is the must have skirt for any little girl this summer. It is available in eight different sizes, for more info check out my shop I have two more designs that I am working on so check back for a sneek peak!!! Also, A big thank you to my little model, THANKS LITTLE LULU!!! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome to my blog!!!

OK, so here I am just welcoming myself to blog world! My name is Lisa and I am a wife and stay at home mother of 3 wonderful children and I design, sew and sell childrens clothing. So, anyway I set up this blog so you can check out my designs and also a place to write my thoughts. Please check back soon as I will be posting more. I have a new skirt design that I just finished and I am SO EXCITED about!!! So go check out my shop Thanks and have a wonderful day! Lisa