Monday, May 30, 2011

One Thousand Blessings

191. Really cheap water guns

192. The sun shinning while it's raining

193. Sitting in the rain at a baseball game

194. Not having to go anywhere

195. The sound of our dog barking

196. Pretty white peony's all in bloom

197. A helpful hand

198. The children's friends

199. Planting flowers with Jacob

200. Sharing big goals and dreams with Chad

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Monday, May 23, 2011

One Thousand Blessings

181. Helping at Kyles school for field day

182. Watching Kyle run into home plate

183. The little girls that coo all over Lillian at Kyle's baseball games

184. Watching Jacob watch the older kids play baseball

185. A cute little lawnmower made out of Lego's

186.The calm before a storm

187. Shelter during a storm

189. Knowing that all most all of the little helicopters have fallen off the trees

190. Little denim shorts on cute little baby chunky legs

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Field Day!

Well the title should say Exhausted instead of Field Day because that pretty much sums up how I felt this afternoon after running around with a bunch of pretty cool fourth graders! Oh but it was fun! Today I helped out at Kyle's school for field day which is were the kids bring a sack lunch and then have fun playing all different types of physical activities. I even joined in on some of the activities with the kids, probably made a fool of myself trying to walk with a foam noodle between my legs but that's alright, it was fun! I can remember field day way back when I was in elementary school, although it didn't seem as fun as it did today, we never had a bounce house or an obstacle course to play in!

Lillian went with me and thankfully she did great, except she did throw a little fit at the last event we were at. She knew it was time to go. The weather turned out to be a beautiful day and I learned a lesson today! RE-APPLY SUNSCREEN! My face is bright red and poor Lillian's cheek were rosy again! I took sunscreen with me and applied once but that was it. Kyle's cheeks were a little rosy but not as rosy as us girls!

Unfortunately, I didn't bring my big old camera which means absolutely no pictures! Yikes! Way to go! I didn't help out at Lindsey's school yesterday because the weather was kinda iffy and I wasn't sure about Lillian being outside since it was a bit cooler out. I guess this means that next year I will have to help out again so that I can get some pictures of them both! Kyle and I were both exhausted when we got home, but that wasn't enough to stop us from our nightly bike ride/walk after supper! Kyle has another big day tomorrow and then two games on Saturday! Poor boy is going to be exhausted!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Kyle!

Today is Kyle's birthday and I can't believe how old he is getting! We decided to celebrate his birthday yesterday since I thought he had practice today. He normally has practice on Monday's but this week he has it tomorrow instead! He wanted to celebrate yesterday too since we were home all day yesterday. My little Kyle!
Kyle is such a sweetheart and one of the best big brothers anyone could ask for! He is caring, fun to be with, smart, funny, he can be shy at times but also very outgoing at times, he loves to take things apart and make them better and could possibly be a future engineer making things work better for all us!
He loves to work on tractors with Chad and stay out late in the garage, likes to ride his bike, play Lego's, would rather be outside than inside, adventurous, competitive and loves to ask me if I want to race! Sometimes that's just not a good question to ask me because I don't hold back, I know exactly were he got his competitiveness from!
Jacob loves having Kyle as a big brother!
He is adventurous and loves to see and discover new things, lets me know that I can really stop taking pictures of him but I won't and I know someday he will appreciate all of them. He is very good at cleaning up his room in fact I should really have him clean more of the house! Kyle you are growing up way to fast and we love having you with us! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kyle!!!!! Blessings, Lisa

One Thousand Blessings


161. Lillian being able to wear Lindsey's cute little clothes

162. Pretty bright pink curtains in Lindsey's room

163. Watching Jacob and Lindsey play in the mud

164. Mud on my kitchen floor in the shape of little foot prints

165. Rolled up jeans

166. Lillian wearing a cute little jacket that was Lindsey's

167. Snuggling with my girls

168. My three boys staying out late in the garage to work on a little tractor

169. The sound of a little tractor running late at night

170. Two excited little boys and one excited big boy about a little tractor running

171. Finding out what the next (in)courage book club book is

172. Watching Kyle score a point at his baseball game

173. Kyle being excited about hitting the ball at the game

174. Walking with the kids at the park

175. Sparkly shoes at the ballpark

176. Watching Jacob pay for own sucker at the concession stand

177. Kyle being excited about his birthday

178. Celebrating Kyle's birthday

179. Watching Kyle blow his birthday candles out

180. Eating a really yummy birthday cake

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lets Play Ball!

The past two Saturdays have been filled with spending time at baseball games! Kyle decided to play this year, the last time he played was back when he was in first grade! That was before the other school decided to become picky about players and we didn't want to deal with all that drama! He never wanted to play again until we came to the new school and Kyle was excited to want to play again! I love the amount support the team gives to each other, they are all a wonderful group of kids!
Kyle watching and waiting for his turn to bat in the half made dug out! (It was mostly finshed when we went back on Monday)
Last Saturday Kyle, Lillian and I went to his away game, it was a double header and we all three were tired when we got home! Kyle said he had fun and thankfully the rain that was forecasted stayed away, in fact we even got a little sunburn through the clouds! Then on Monday, Kyle had another away game at the same place and did AWESOME! Oh yes he did, he smashed the ball into the outfield like it was nothing! He was so proud of himself, I was proud him! His team ended up winning that game!
Today he had a game here at home and didn't seem to have his game face on. Not sure what was up with him today it was much colder out than it has been the past few days and the crowd was a lot bigger than at the other games. Chad and the kids stayed in the truck for the most part of both his games because it was chilly out or at least for Lillian!
Below Jacob was paying for his sucker at the game.
It looks like our Saturdays are filled up for the most part from now until the middle of summer! That's alright with us, it's not like we were really busy anyway, this gives us something to do!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Friday, May 13, 2011

Lillian 7 Months Old!

Gosh by golly, I had forgotten all about posting Lillian turning 7 months old! So I have been just a tad on the busy side lately with moving, baseball and trying to get the house how I want it. Who knew six people could accumulate so much stuff! My sweet littlest girl turned seven months on the 7th and had her check up earlier this Monday and weighs a whooping 19 pounds 4 ounces and is 27 inches long! Lillian most certainly weighs ever bit of 19 pounds and oh dear, are my muscles getting bigger from carrying her around! (That's a good thing!)
You are such a happy little girl when we go on walks and love to be outside, swing in your swing, watch the other kids play, and sitting on your blanket in the grass. You have started waving, although not all the time, it is cute when you do it! As far as sleeping through the night, HA!, do I even go there! Really I can't quite figure out why in the world you still feel the need to get up a few times during the night. I do have to applaud you in that the past few nights you have only got up one time each night, that is a lot more manageable than two or three!
As far as crawling, who needs to when you have two older sibling that love to get their hands on you and carry you around. The other sibling isn't supposed to pick you up, and thankfully he hasn't really that I know of! Believe me this house is not ready for you to start crawling yet, so don't worry about it! You don't mind sitting in your stroller outside watching the boys play baseball, you reach for things like crazy, especially if I am walking through a store, you seem to be more right hand dominant, you also started to shake your head no which is cute, at least for now and you love to listen to music and have become a very good dance partner!
Enjoying a nice warm breeze!
Still no signs of any teeth coming in that sweet little mouth of yours, I think you look so cute with your toothless grins! Your about the only one that loves my singing and like your mama, you love to eat! You really could care less about a sippy cup to drink from you do like to chew on it and still no bottles for you, only because I don't have any! I only feed you foods at supper time and I am thinking about feeding you breakfast, but then again it's nice for you to nurse instead! Oh Lillian, you are such a sweetheart and we love you to pieces!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Monday, May 9, 2011

One Thousand Blessings


151. Sewing my own curtains

152. Finding something to do with the junk bowling ball Kyle found

153. Spray painting an old bowling ball pink to look like a gazing ball

154. Being a mom

155. My amazing children

156. Taking Kyle to his first baseball game

157. Sunshine on a cloudy day

158. Eating popcorn at a baseball game

159. The support Kyle's baseball team has for each other

160. Kyle enjoying himself at his baseball game

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

I had a wonderful Mothers Day, for the most part anyway! This weekend was super busy for us, Kyle had an away baseball game, actually he had two games back to back, thankfully the rain stayed away! We even got a little sunburn through the clouds, poor Lillian's cheeks were rosy! I have baby sunscreen on the top of my list! On a whim we had a yard sale or I shall Chad had a yard sale since I wasn't really there much. Between feeding Lillian, Kyle's baseball pictures and games, Chad did it all himself! He had a really good turn out and was nice and gave me the money from it! :)
Today all of us went over to our other house to get some more things that we still had over there. We have lived in our house for a week now and all that I can say is that I want to move back out to the countryside! I even looked online for houses close by in the country, but nothing that is big enough or anything that I like, I guess we are stuck here for awhile! It wouldn't be so bad living in town if we didn't have neighbors! Ha! Isn't that funny! But I can say this, at least our children are in a good school district!

Also,Big Mama bear just about came out today to rear her ugly head. Not to worry, I kept calm and carried on! GRRR When we came back home today we were amazed at how our backyard has become a playground for the neighbors! Um, first of all we weren't home, and second of all if a child got hurt it would fall back on us! Don't stand there with a beer in hand watching your kids play on our property! How rude! Grrrr I was so honked off, I would never let my kids play on someones stuff unless they had permission first. Chad was honked off too and said that we will be putting up a fence within the next week or so! For the most part I don't mind if the other kids want to play here, but I am not going to be a babysitter right now!

My current stress level is just about to blow! The house is not put together, my stove is still not working we bought all new appliances except for the stove since it was only two years old. We need to figure out how to convert the stove from LP gas to Natural gas, which is what we are on now. Someone must have threw the paperwork away. Oops! Hopefully tomorrow the guy will show up so that I can make supper and an apple pie! Things in the house are still not done I have trim that needs to be put up, a dishwasher and garbage disposal that needs hooked up, doors that need to be put on my closet and the list can go on and on! Hopefully I will get lots done this week in the house and bring my stress level down just a bit!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Monday, May 2, 2011

One Thousand Blessings

# 141-150

141. A pretty thorn less rose bush

142. Going to library with the kids after school

143. Rocking on the back porch swing one last time before we move it to our other house

144. Saying goodbye to the countryside and knowing that we will be back (sometime)

145. Moving to town

146. The kids helping to move their things to the other house

147. Spending the night at our other house for the first time

148. Walking to school to pick up the kids for the first of many, many more times

149. Watching the kids help Chad take the playhouse down so that we can move it

150. Chad's friends helping to put the playhouse back together into the later night hours

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