Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Much Fun!!!

Here in Indiana we had our first snow fall of the season this past weekend! I wasn't much but it sure looks pretty, I just hope it stays around for Christmas! Yesterday Chad got his lawnmower out and hooked up the old antique sled behind it to pull the kids around the yard. I wasn't sure who had more fun Chad or the kids! I know I had lots of fun taking pictures of them, even though I was freezing the whole time and had on another pair of Lindsey's mittens that were entirely to small for me! (Note to self: get your own mittens out!) Here are some of the pictures I took yesterday! 
Below is Jacob and Lindsey.
And here is Kyle!
And below is the biggest kid of them all, pulling the three little ones!
This one below is my favorite one! I love there facial expressions!
This is another favorite!
They had so much fun yesterday, and to think we have lots more snow to come! The kids and Chad are planning out snow forts to make already! I love the sled they were riding on, Chad got it last year at a farm auction somewhere for dirt cheap! He did have to fix something on it, I'm not sure what, but it works and they love it! I can't wait to ride on it myself next time!!! Were hoping for a white Christmas!!!                                  Lisa 

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!!

Santa Claus is coming to town in just a few more days!!! Wow, its hard to believe Christmas is almost here! I took the kids to see Santa this past Saturday! Here are some pictures of the kids with the big Jolly Guy! I was surprised that Jacob didn't cry with this Santa, he did with the other Santa he seen a few weeks ago! The Santa we seen yesterday was much nicer, he actually talked to the kids and made it more personal for them and also he looked a little more realistic! The other Santa reminded me of the Santa from A Christmas Story movie, when Ralphie tells him what he wants for Christmas and he tells him "you'll shoot your eye out kid! Ho! Ho! Ho!"! 
Here is Lindsey below with Santa! She really does want her two front teeth for Christmas! 
And then it was Kyle's turn! Notice how he has this "you owe me big time mom" look on his face! Ha!Ha! Love it!My niece and sister went along with us too! Here is our group picture of the kids, they are just too much fun!!!I know I'm not ready for Christmas yet, I still have some shopping to do! I wonder what Santa will bring to our house this year!!!                   Lisa

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Program

It's that time of year again, Christmas Programs are in full swing! Kyle and Lindsey had their program earlier tonight at school. They had fun but I think they are glad it's over, or at least Kyle is, Lindsey on the other had loves to be in the spotlight! She definitely doesn't get that from her mother, that's for sure! Here are some pictures from this evening. I used my 55-200m lens so I could really zoom in on them! Unfortunately the gym lighting was horrible! 
Below is Lindsey shaking her tail feather
 Here is Kyle below with his class, which did a snow bear went to college skit and Kyle was the snow bear who went away to college but then returned home just in time for Christmas! Notice Kyle has on a Purdue jersey, he told me had to wear it for the program! Notice he also has on a red and white shirt underneath! Ha! Ha! Go IU! Totally thought that one up didn't we!!! The kids had fun tonight and Chad, Jacob and I enjoyed watching them! This program really put me in the Christmas spirit, now if only I can get those songs out of my head! "Up on the roof top click, click, click!"                                                            Lisa

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just a little late!

OK so I realize that these pictures are just a little late considering that Thanksgiving and Lindsey's birthday were last week! I have been sooo busy with school work as the semester comes closer to an end! Wahoo! (two more weeks!) We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, we spent the day at Chad's parents house with his brother and sisters and 14 kids altogether, honestly it was really fun! The day after Thanksgiving was Lindsey's birthday and she turned seven years old! My is she getting old! Here are a few pictures form her birthday! (I'm not sure why my photos are looking all grainy here on blogger, when they sure don't look that way on my computer!)
Here is a picture of her birthday cake!
Lindsey blowing out the candles! 
 We didn't get to go out to eat at her favorite restaurant Paneras only because I did not want to get out with all the people shopping! Hopefully we can do that next weekend when we won't be so busy! She did have a good birthday and I just can't believe my little girl is seven years old now, wow time sure flies by when your having fun!                                Lisa