Sunday, May 31, 2009

Harry the Cat

It saddens me to write this (well not that much!)but Harry (the cat) has passed away sometime on Saturday. Poor Harry came into our lives about two months ago from who knows where, although Chad thinks it may have came from one of the neighbors. He showed up in the backyard one day and kids feel in love with him, needless to say he never left! Harry was found unresponsive in the play house lastnight about 11:00 were he was then pronounced dead on the scene by Kyle and my husband Chad. The cause of death is unknown and no an otopsy report was not performed! Ha!Ha! His bural was this afternoon behind the fence in our back yard, were he loved to frolic and play all day! On Friday evening Lindsey had mention to me, while I was making dinner, that Harry wasn't feeling well. I didn't go out to check on the cat only becuase I was busy but I wish I would have now! Later that evening I had to help Chad move his tractor and completly forgot about the cat. Then on Saturday we were gone all day with graduation open houses. It wasn't until late that evening when we found him! (Poor cat!) Jacob loved that cat so much and I think the cat loved him just as much! Jacob tried to bring the poor cat in the house quite a few times but I just wouldn't allow it, I'm not sure who was more upset about that Jacob or Harry! Here are some photos that I took about two weeks ago of Harry (the cat) and Jacob play in the backyard. One of Harry's favorite past times was riding on the tractor with Jacob! 
Jacob tried so hard to get that cat to ride with him!
I love this one blow, poor Harry has this "Help Me" look on his face!
I think they both had enough of each other and Jacob looks as if he's telling Harry "Fine I don't want you to ride with me anyway!" ha!ha!
I found one last photo of Lindsey trying to smoother the cat during a photo shoot! 
I think we will all miss Harry but I know that we can always get another farm cat for the kids to play with and hopefully not smoother to death! I hope you enjoyed the photos of Harry, he will be missed for awhile anyway! Lisa

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Day At The Beach!

Last Saturday the kids and I went to my favorite places to go in the summer, The beautiful Beaches of Lake Michigan, I know just a little late on posting this but here are some pictures of our amazing day! I took Kyle and Lindsey with me and Chad stayed home with Jacob, so I didn't have to chase around a wonderful two year old all day! I also took my nephew Chase along with my sister in law and her daughter, Jaci. This was Chase and Jaci's first time to Lake Michigan so they were both pretty excited. It's about an hour (north) drive for us, and thankfully it was sunny and beautiful all day for us. I was a little worried that we would get rained out because it was sprinkling as we left my house. Chad said they got about a half inch of rain while we were gone all day, but not for us we were too far north, it didn't rain on our parade! Ha!Ha! Ok so here are just a few of the 303 pictures that I took while we were there! We went to the beach in the morning, it was kinda chilly out when we got there. But that didn't stop the kids from getting in the water! 
             This is one of my favorites of Jaci, it was when she first got her toes in the water! 
Lindsey chasing the seagulls!
The kids buried Chase in the sand.
We went to lunch then came back to go to the Washington Park zoo which is right across the street from the beach that we were at.
 The zoo is built on the side of the a hill so it has lots of steps to go up and down! 
 (my calves sure got a workout!)
Check out the peacock they just walk around the zoo freely!
We then went back to the beach and I took the kids all the way down to the lighthouse, that you can see better in the very first picture. 
On our way back to land, I had all the kids pose individually for me. They were such great sports about letting me take pictures of them! I used Lindsey's for my website so if you love the dress you can find it here
I must say the lighting and time of day was perfect, the sun was getting lower and just beautiful!
Here is one of Kyle! 
One last picture of the beach! LOVE IT! 
I must say it was an absolute wonderful day!
I can't wait to go back, I had an amazing time and I think the kids did too! We didn't get back home until about 10:30pm our time and the kids were still awake! I look forward to going again when the water gets warmer so that we can swim! Lisa

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Something New

Here are just a few new items that I have listed in my shops! The first one is the Ava Rose apron skirt which was featured in a treasury on Etsy
The next one is the Flirty Little peasant top which is super cute! I love the way this top turned out, its perfect for spring and summer! 
I love this top paired up with the vintage linen ruffle pants, OK so I guess I like everything paired up with the linen ruffle pants! Right now the Flirty Little peasant top is limited edition, unless I can find more of the fabric that I used for the arm sleeves! I have more items coming I just need to get them photographed and listed. I was planning on having them already up and listed but as we all know life happens! I also registered for a summer class the other day, something that I really wasn't planning on doing but, it seems like a very easy A. Last time I checked the class only had 4 people signed up so it should be a very easy going class!   Lisa

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catching up!

This post is for catching up with all that is going on! Where do I even begin, well on Friday Lindsey went on a field trip to the zoo/park with her kindergarten class and the first grade class from her school. That morning we left the school about 9:15 and the weather was calling for rain but thank goodness it didn't rain while we were at the zoo/park! I also had to make cupcakes for Kyle class before I left for the school so that they could celebrate his birthday! (His birthday was on Saturday) Here are some pictures while we were at the park/zoo. It is very small zoo, with not many animals, but the park sure is fun!I had two other little girls from Lindsey's class in my group. They were such sweethearts!Lindsey is super strong which she surprised me that she can go all the way across the hanging monkey bars and back while most of the other kids couldn't even get half way! Man I wish I had muscles like that! I have a nephew that goes to the same school and is in the first grade so he got to go with Lindsey's class. I accidentally deleted my favorite shot of them on the tire swing! oops!When the kids went in for the program about animals Lindsey held this disgusting bug from the rainforest sorry I can't remember the name of it! I was big and ugly and eats leaves that's all I know!On Saturday Kyle had his birthday! How exciting, he is getting to the age where he is fine with getting money, which can be a good thing it makes it a little easier! Although we did get him some Nintendo games which was about the only thing that he really wanted! We had plans to go to Lake Michigan and spend the day at the beach and go the the zoo up their but it was way to cold and windy here so it was probably much colder up by the lake! I am hoping that this Saturday will be warmer, I can't wait to go to the beach, I am a huge beach fan!
I am completely exhausted I finally painted my room today! I had plans to do that quite some time ago but I couldn't decide on what color to paint it and I was also looking for a new bedspread and just couldn't find anything thing that I liked! But after much looking I found the perfect one for me, from Rachel Ashwell's Target line! I can't wait to put things on the wall and get everything put back together then I can show you pictures!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I just wanted to say Happy Mothers Day to all the mom's out there!!! Today the kids and I went to a small amusement park close to where we live, its called Indiana Beach but there really is no beach there or its just very small! We haven't been there for a few years and the kids got free tickets from school for them and two other guest so we went today. It was just Kyle, Lindsey, my cute little niece Jaci, my sister-in-law Cari and I. Chad and Jacob stayed home, it was nice to spend quality time with just the older two! We don't ride on rollercosters or any of the bigger rides so it wasn't too exciting! Here are some pictures of our fun day! OK so Lindsey doesn't get out much she wasn't sure what to do with this when she walked through it!
We spent some time in kiddyland and the kids went boating!We had to go on my absolute favorite ride the Tilt-A-Whirl! (3times) Lindsey must be sleeping!
It did rain after we got there, but it wasn't bad we went in a small restaurant and got a bit to eat while we waited for the rain to stop and it did, in fact it was raining while the sun was shinning! Of course after the rain stopped the kids went to ride on the airplane's and Lindsey noticed that the seats were wet and was like "Mom I'm going to get my pants wet!" Really honey I had no idea! Ha!Ha! she cracks me up! So here goes nothing!We did have a lot of fun although we did miss Jacob and Chad just a little bit!
The little ones had a blast together! Say Cheese!!!This is the present that Kyle brought home from school on Friday just for me! I love it, he is so cool! He didn't want me to see it on Friday when he came home from school he was going to make me wait until today! Thankfully he didn't! I just love it, its so cute also its a pre-annual so we will need to plant it in the ground to come up every year and then put a small herb in the cute little pot!!!I thank the Lord for giving me three little blessings!!! Happy Mothers Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Thank Goodness It's Friday! I have been waiting for this week for quite a while, this was finals week for me at school which I am so glad its over or at least until the fall! The past two weeks have been very busy with homework, studying, and projects and staying up until one or two in the morning I am ready for a break! Well enough about that, here are a few designs that I finally got around to retaking pictures.
I love this capri pants that are pictured below, in fact I am really thinking about making an adult version, they look so comfy!
I also started Lindsey in gymnastics this past Wednesday and she loved it! I took her to the gym that I worked at for almost six years, if fact I was pregnant with her while I worked there! I had to give it up when I was eight months pregnant with Jacob, I loved it but I couldn't be in two different places at once. I taught preschool age all the way up to level four yeah pregnant and doing the level four routine with the girls I bet that was a fun sight to see! Anyway she loved it and loved just being back there and seeing all the kids that I had taught, wow have that really grown in the past two years!
I am hoping to have a sneak peak for you tomorrow of some fun fabrics that I have plans to make some very limited edition items with! Now that I am not in school I have lots more time to get some much needed sewing done!