Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Wonderland

So its been awhile since my last post! My gosh have we been busy and Christmas Eve is tomorrow, I just can't believe its here already, where did the time go? Well the kids and I had our last day of school last Thursday, they were supposed to have school on Friday but since we had an ice storm of Thursday night school was cancelled for Friday! Thankfully the kids had there Christmas program of Thursday night which was very entertaining! Little Lulu was as usual the loudest one singing for her class, hey at least she knows the words to all of the songs! Kyle of course, is way to cool for this kinda stuff so he really didn't sing when his class was up on stage. He stood up on stage with his hands in his pocket, like dude are we done yet? Like I said he is just to cool for that kinda stuff! I also had a niece and a nephew that were also in the schools Christmas program that night. My pictures didn't turn out very well from the program so sorry no pictures, even Chad made the comment that my pictures were really bad! Hooray he notices that I need a new camera! A Nikon SLR would be great Honey, hint hint:)

Some exciting news!!! OK so for Little Lulu's Christmas present she wanted an American Girl Doll, well the one that she really wanted was on back order until May of 2009, so we had decided to get her the American Girl of Today that you can choose what color of hair and eyes you want, well I couldn't decide which doll to get her the blonde hair blue eyed girl with straight hair or layered hair? Well finally Sunday I decided and ordered the doll (payed $30 bucks for shipping) and they told me that it would arrive on Christmas Eve. Well this morning at 10:30 the UPS guy pulled into the drive way and you will never guess what it was! ha ha(the doll silly!) I was so excited, but then of course the kids wanted to know what it was so I had to tell them that it was fabric, I always get excited when I get fabric in the in mail so no big deal to them! I put the box in the closet and after the kids went to bed I got her out just to make sure it was the right one! Chad had made the comment that I just wanted to be the first to play with her and do her hair, he knows me all to well!!!