Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We are finally getting ready to move into our second home, this weekend! (Wait, didn't I say that I while back!) For real this time, the house is almost done. The hold up seems to be the plumbing for the washer and dryer hook ups. Since I do laundry everyday, it's kind of important to have washer and dryer hook ups! We have officially owned our other home for only one year and twelve days, but who's really counting right! Ha! We said we would move in soooo many different times it's really hard to believe we are actually going to move in it at all!
We do have some really pretty floors there, here is just a small peek at them!!!!
A part of me doesn't really want to move to the city, I kinda like living out in the middle of the countryside. I can play on the swing set with the kids and not have neighbors looking at me kinda funny, I can run down the road and not have people wondering why in the world I am running. I don't have to worry about curtains or window blinds, I can play soccer in the yard with the kids and not have them win every time, I don't have to worry about looking kinda funny climbing up the slide, I can wear junky clothes and not have anyone say anything about them! Gosh, do we really want to move to town! A privacy fence will need to go up as soon as possible!

I think we still have a house for sale sign in the garage that came with the house when we bought it, maybe I should look for it and put in the front yard! Just kidding, or am I! Ha! Ha! I do know that I am so glad we bought the house because our children don't have to worry about their old school district and the many changes they are facing. I feel for those children and their parents, closing a school is not always the answer! On a completley diffent note, Chad and I have already talked about our "next" house and what we would like. Let's just say that it won't be in town!

I like to think that since we have had a year to get used to the idea of moving, it will much easier on all of us. Although change is sometimes hard for me, and leaving a place that we have lived for the past nine years is going to be a big one! Having a year to plan where I want furniture and things has helped, but has it been enough for me?! I suppose only time will tell. Also, the kids have never really moved before are they prepared enough too!? Yikes, the stress! Just a tad overwhelming at times!

With moving means that I have had to go through literally everything that we own! I have bags of stuff for Goodwill and probably could have paper mache the whole house with the amount of papers I got rid of! (Seriously!) I also found things that I didn't know we still had! Such as a bank statement from 2002, the paper work from a 1997 Ford Mustang I got when I was 18, clothes that still had the price tag on them, hair from Kyle's first hair cut in a plastic bag dated back to 2001, a state board test from after I finished beauty school, paper work from a tractor Chad had sold years ago, pictures of the kids from before the digital camera, tons of birthday cards from over the years!

I have been organizing everything and plan on going with the less is more idea for now on! Really, we don't paper work from vehicles or tractors we don't have anymore! I am also planning on getting rid of some furniture that I just don't want anymore, really I kinda of like having an empty house! Now, if only I can convince myself that I really don't need three sets of pots and pans!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Monday, April 25, 2011

One Thousand Blessings


131. Knowing that we will finally be moving this weekend!

132. Trying to organize everything that we have

133. Watching the kids at the Easter Egg hunt

134. Moving some furniture to the other house

135. Sitting on the back porch swing rocking Lillian to sleep

136. Eucharist

137. Having a great conversation with one of new neighbors

138. Showing off all the hard work we have done to the house to others who had seen it before the renovation

139. Watching Kyle play baseball in the rain

140. Going on a walk/run with Jacob and Lindsey while Kyle is at baseball practice

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Monday, April 18, 2011

One Thousand Blessings


121. The grass getting greener

122. The sound of the lawn mower

123. Having a snack outside on the blanket for the first time this spring

124. Our little green swings that the kids love to play on

125. Swinging on the swings with the kids

126. Loosing track of time

127. Not watching TV for a few days

128. The kids running through the house

129. Listening to Kyle play his recorder and playing it myself

130. Hersey Kisses with almonds:)

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Fest

I am just a little late at posting this from our weekend! On Saturday I took Kyle, Lindsey, Lillian and my nephew to the Spring Fest down at Purdue. We went last year and the kids' really enjoyed themselves. I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to go since it was raining really hard early that morning. It had stopped and we looked at the weather radar and showed that the rain done! We took a chance and ventured down that way and thankfully the sun did come out later that afternoon!
One of the first things that we did was try their hand at Fencing! They all three loved it! I was slightly jealous that I didn't get to try, but I'm glad they did! They had to get all suited up!
Kyle wasn't quite so sure about having the zipper in the back, not sure I would have wanted to wear the jacket either!
Lindsey wasn't afraid to fight!
They boys fencing each other!
Then we went over to eat some bugs dipped in chocolate! Yum! Yum!
Lindsey, my nephew and I just couldn't eat one, we just didn't have the guts too! I know I have ate my fair share of bugs in my life, just not dipped in chocolate! Ever ride your bike or go on a run late in the evening in the countryside, I'm sure you have too!
Kyle was the only brave one and went for it! He said it had more chocolate than anything!
Then they tried a hand at stacking cups, Kyle had a real advantage at this since he did this after school for awhile and we have a basic set. Lindsey wasn't quite as good as Kyle. Then they learned about earthquakes and ways to keep our buildings capable of withstanding such catastrophes. This was right up Kyle's alley, he loves anything that has to do with engineering and making things work better.
Of course I made the children pose for a picture, they always get so excited when the mamarazzi comes out!
Poor kids with the bright sunshine in their face and Lillian has her pacifier in front of her face, she must be trying to hide from me!
The kids had fun and I am so glad the weather turned out to be such a beautiful day! Chad and Jacob stayed home and worked on getting the fence down at our current house to take and put up at the new house. They also went to the farm store together and Jacob was so proud of the new hat he got there! He called it his new hunting hat because it a picture of a deer on it and it says "Cute as a button buck"! Leave it to his father to buy him something like that!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Monday, April 11, 2011

One Thousand Blessings


111. Kyle saying "I will race you to the van" when I picked him up from school last week

112. Being able to say that Lillian has slept through the night for the first and only time

113. Jacob turning the mixer on the highest setting and flour going everywhere

114. Spending the day at Spring Fest with the kids

115. Jacob telling me all about his trip to the farm store with daddy

116. How excited Lillian gets when the breeze blows on her

117. Watching Lillian's baby fine hair blow in the wind

118. Watching Kyle, Lindsey and Jacob playing together, even though it was with a frog!

119. Kyle excited about baseball practice

120. Kyle getting to hit balls in the batting cage with the pitching machine for the first time

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

6 Months Old!

It's hard to believe that six months have gone by since Lillian was born! I cant seem to wrap my head around the fact that Lillian six months old now! And for the record she actually slept though the whole night last night! (Or at least I think she did, when I woke up this morning she was in her crib and I really needed her to wake up!) I am so excited to watch you grow. It seems that over the course of the past weeks you have grown so much. I just look at you and think, how in the world did you get so big, so fast! Here is a recap of how much you have grown in just six months! Four days old (October 11th the day you were due)
One month old (November)
Two months old (December)
Three months old (January)
Four months old (February)
Five months old (March)
Six months (April)
Oh the things you can do! You are getting better at sitting by yourself, you reach for everything in sight, you are babbling more and it sounds like you are saying mama sometimes, I like to think that you are waving back to me when I wave to you (you tend to move your fingers or your hand), sometimes when you see someone new must they scare you as you tend to cry, but then again sometimes when you see someone new you smile your little heart out, you love to look at books, and listen to music and dance with me, sometimes I can lay you in your bed and you will fall asleep other times I have to rock you, you seem to have a pretty set nap schedule and don't like it interrupted, you love when Kyle and Lindsey come home from school and when daddy comes home, you like to be outside and love when the wind blows in your face (but not to much wind), now if only you could sleep through the night every night! You are such a joy to have and we all love you to pieces!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Littlest Model!!!

I have acquired a new little model for my shop and she sure is a cutie! Lillian is now modeling for me and although she sure is cute, she needs a little practice! I did manage to get just a few pictures of her smiling that weren't blurry from her moving around too much!
She looks thrilled, doesn't she!
She kept looking at Jacob probably wondering why he isn't doing this!
Then she kept lifting her leg and I realized that baby needs some bloomers! But hey, she was doing pretty good for a beginner!
All the modeling must have made her hungry!
Of course Lindsey will still be my other model but the only bad thing about using Lindsey is that she spends most of her day at school. Lindsey seen Lillian's new dress and loved it, she suggested that she would rather have a skirt to match. Now I can dress my girls up in matching clothes how fun! They both have matching ruffle pants and now I need to start making them matching dresses for summer! You will be able to find this cute little "Sweet Meadow" boutique dress in my shop really soon!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Monday, April 4, 2011

One Thousand Blessings


101. Slowly moving things to the other house

102. The kids having swimming lessons during school

103. Scoring a great deal on a new stroller for Lillian

104. Being able to take Jacob to preschool for a few weeks

105. Being able to leave Jacob at preschool

106. A warm, sunny spring day in the 70's

107. Watching the kids ride their bikes

108. Going on a run for the first time in over a year

109. How fast all of my flowers seem to be popping up

110. Seeing that we have yellow daffodils blooming in the yard

To learn about One Thousand Gifts, visit Ann's blog, A Holy Experience and take the dare to count as many blessings that God has given you!!!!