Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Out For A Swim!

Yesterday I took the kids out for a swim at the pool! Jacob and Lindsey thought we were going to the beach and even put on some sunscreen! Jacob was gathering some toys to what he thought was the beach, he was confused for awhile, since we only really go swimming at the beach. Lindsey was excited to be able to swim and Jacob didn't want anything to do with getting in the water! I was surprised since he loves being in the water at the beach and at home!
Kyle could finally practice some of the things he learned at swimming lessons!
Jacob liked watching the other kids jumping off the diving board and even wanted to jump off the diving board himself! Not sure how he is going to jump off the diving board if he doesn't like being in the water!
Lindsey even jumped off the diving board, with a life vest on! (Really bad picture taken with the camera on my phone!)
Even Lillian wore her bathing suit! I put her toes in the water and she didn't seem to mind!
I am glad we went because I found Lillian's other shoe in the lost in found!
I have been looking everywhere for her little shoe! I had a feeling that I had left it there when Kyle was at swimming lessons! Although they are getting to small for her I still wanted the other one because they were her first pair of shoes! The kids loved swimming and I am just glad Jacob finally got in the water! Blessings, Lisa

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Done With Baseball!

We are now officially done with baseball for the summer! Also, Lindsey no longer has to wear her cast! She can now begin to walk on her foot again, although her muscles need to stretch out some before she can walk normal! Bath time will much easier for us now! I'm sure by next week she will be running and jumping off the swings like nothing happened! With Kyle done with baseball and Lindsey done with having to wear her cast our summer seems to have started!
I thought that last week Kyle was done with baseball, but the boys had tournament games to play before they could call it quits. Last Saturday Kyle did AWESOME at his game! He didn't get any outs the whole game and he scored three points for his team, that's three times across home plate! His team won I think it was 15-1, those boys were rockin!
Kyle running into home plate!
I am so very proud of Kyle for his hard work, he improved so much over the past few months! He hasn't played baseball since he was in tee-ball! His coaches did a wonderful job and the other players on his team were great, we could not have asked for anything better! I was suprised that at a few of the games I knew some people from the other team! It was great to catch up with these ladies that I haven't seen in years and meet some new moms at the game. Kyle said he had fun, but he is glad to be done, in a way I am too! Let the summer fun begin!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Monday, June 27, 2011

One Thousand Blessings


236. That God made each one of us unique in our own way

237. Kyle not getting any outs at his baseball game and scoring three points

238. Walking to the edge of town to watch the sunset

239. Lindsey getting her cast off tomorrow! (four long weeks later!)

240. Not having to run the air conditioner for a whole week

241. Making my own ruffle capri pants

242. Grocery shopping with the boys

243. Knowing that baseball is almost over

244. Starting the Smart Summer Challenge

245. Knowing that the weather the next few days is going to be awesome, sunny in the low 80°'s

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Monday, June 20, 2011

A Week in Review!

This past week seemed to fly by so fast! Of course we were busy as usual with swimming lessons, 4H meeting, baseball and going to the farm nursery to get more flowers! First off, Kyle loved swimming and I did see an improvement from when he first started. I was impressed that he jumped off the diving board since he told me he wouldn't do that! Baseball is almost over for us so then hopefully things will slow down a bit! And it wont be long and the 4H fair will be starting!
I did manage to score a really great deal on some flowers at a small farm not to far from home! I bought two nice sized hydrangeas for only $6 each, had I bought them at a big box store they would have cost at least $20 each! Now they just need to be planted. Actually we need to rotertill the flower bed, again, and lay mulch down. We have been way too busy and let things go in the flower beds. The kids were hot, hot, hot!!!!
One more week and Lindsey gets her cast off! We are counting down the days, I can't wait!!!!
She's a happy baby alright!
The little shed that was at the small farm was so cute!
Jacob and Lindsey wanted to paint their faces!
Goodness, summer break is going by way to fast for the kids! I still have lots of things planned, but we really need to wait until after next week when Lindsey goes back to the doctors office!
Blessings, Lisa

One Thousand Blessings


226. Kyle enjoying his swimming lessons

227. The great parents I met at swimming lessons

228. The pretty pictures the kids made for fathers day

229. Going to Kyle's last traveling baseball game

230. Watching how excited Lillian was while I was showing her the wind chime

231. Having quiet reading time

232. Sharing another anniversary with Chad

233. Going out to dinner with Chad (and Lillian!)

234. Not having to cut up any food but my own

235. Lillian always being so good during the baseball games

To learn more about One Thousand Blessings visit Ann's blog, A Holy Experience, and take the dare to count as many blessings in which the Lord has given you!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little Green Swing Clothing!

This week over at Kelly's Korner Blog she is hosting "show us what you make", so today I am linking up! I design and sew children's boutique style clothing, I started my business up in the summer of 2008 and have loved it ever since. The reason I started was not only my love of fabrics and sewing but to make cute little comfy pants for my little chunky baby boy and I wanted some cute duds for my daughter Lindsey without paying way to much money. I started my business just for the fun of and not thinking that anything would ever become of it. I was surprised that it has grown as much as it has over the years and I am so thankful to all of my amazing customers from literally around the world!
The name Little Green Swing came from us having only one little green swing on our playhouse in the backyard. When ever the kids would go outside to play they always "called" the green swing way before they would get to it! Now, of course we have more than one green swing and that phrase doesn't get said as often, but it will always be remembered at our house! Also, Little Green Swing is meant to be fun, I like for my designs to be fun and for all of the little people to have fun wearing them!!!!

You can find my clothing at my online shop through my Etsy shop found HERE, my website found HERE, I also have a facebook fanpage found HERE
Thanks for swinging by!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pinterest, My New Favorite Website!

I have come across an awesome website a few weeks ago while searching online for some inspiration for the playroom! pinterest is my new favorite way to bookmark things that I love! I will admit it can be addictive to keep pinning things that I find and creating more boards to pin these things on. I have created boards for recipes that I want to try to crafting, decorating my home and places that someday I would love to go! I even added the "pin it" button on my web browser bar so I can pin things that find other places on the Internet. (OK, don't laugh at my horrible screenshots, I just figured out how to do them!)
I have pinned some of my own things, I'm not sure if that's proper etiquette, but I did it anyway! I'm so bad! I'm also not sure if they have a limit as to how many pins or boards you can have! (I probably should have looked into that a little more!)
If you want to follow me and/or see my pins and boards check it out at

Now I need to go pin some more inspiration!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lillian 8 Months Old!

I almost forgot Lillian is 8 months old now, my how time flies! Some excitement has happened to little Lillie, her first tooth is starting to come in! She looks so cute when she smiles with her one little itty bitty tooth in there! She is chewing on things like crazy, when I read to her she wants to chew on the book so I have to give her the pacifier to chew on instead. She has also found out that she can make sounds somewhat like the rest of us! She sure lets us know what she thinks, it is beyond the cutest little thing I've heard!
She also likes to pat things, usually her leg, she still does not sleep through the night, she loves to swing on the swings, go for walks in the stroller, a breeze blowing on her face, bath time, listening to her favorite music, when we sing her Lily Lily Golden Bell, makes for a great dance partner! I think she likes having Kyle and Lindsey around more often now that school is out, she loves to watch them and enjoys the attention they give her, for the most part! She lets them know when she's had enough. She also likes to try and eat the grass when outside, silly girl! She has the cutest little laugh and is ticklish under her little chin.
She really does like the swing, it looks like she is crying in the picture below!
Crawling is really not happening right now, although she sure can scoot herself around a room!
I'm not sure I am ready for her to start crawling just yet. She has also become really good at being my new model. I have been making her some really cute new things for summer!
This is how I found Lillian and Chad when I came back from dropping Kyle off at baseball practice today! Chad had just gotten home from work and Lillian had just finished eating her supper before I left. Apparently they were both tired! The nap was short lived after I got home, Chad had work to do and Lillian had more playing to do! Oh Lillie dear, you are such a cutie pie and we love you!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Monday, June 13, 2011

One Thousand Blessings


216. Hearing Lillian giggle as swing together on our little green swing

217. Designing a new pattern all on my own

218. Reading outside on the blanket

219. Having to wear a sweatshirt in the middle of June

220. Cool evenings

221. The kids excited about going to pick out things for the garden

222. Having someone to help me pick out things for my garden and explain how to plant them

223. Finally getting the garden planted

224. Knowing that we will have lots of yummy things to eat in a few months

225. Watching Kyle jump off the diving board at swimming lessons

To learn more about One Thousand Blessings visit Ann's blog, A Holy Experience, and take the dare to count as many blessings in which the Lord has given you!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

One Thousand Blessings


201. Kyle and Lindsey's last day of school

202. Making plans for the summer

203. Going on a long bike ride with Kyle

204. A pretty pink bike

205. Remembering to reapply suntan lotion

206. Sitting on a park bench, somewhat secluded, watching Kyle play baseball while I feed Lillian

207. The girl, who I didn't even know, giving me pretty pink peony's at the baseball park

208. The smell of peony's

209. The way Jacob always says "I love you" at unexpected times

210. Kyle and Lindsey writing in their summer journals

211. Eating waffle cones dipped in chocolate after two really hot baseball games

212. Watching an older lady go on an after noon walk and her stopping by to see Lillian

213. The boys making brownies almost all by themselves

214. Lindsey's determination to still get around even with a broken foot

215. Kyle excited about swimming lessons

To learn more about One Thousand Blessings visit Ann's blog, A Holy Experience, and take the dare to count as many blessings in which the Lord has given you!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Last Day Of School!

Yesterday was Kyle and Lindsey's last day of school! Unfortunately our summer break has started off with Lindsey having a broken foot! Last Saturday Lindsey was out by the garage with the boys and went to lay her bike up against a piece of metal when it then all came toppling down on her foot! Ouch! After putting ice on it for a few hours we decided to take her to the hospital and they said she had three small hair line fractures on the top of her foot, her metatarsals, and that it needed to be in a cast! Not the way I was planning to spend the next four weeks of our summer break! (24 more days, not that I'm counting or anything!)

Lindsey didn't go the last three of the four days of school, I was reluctant to send her only because she wasn't doing the greatest with her crutches. She missed seeing her friends while she was home and could not wait to go to school Friday! Her friends were all so helpful at school, she told me she was worried that they might make fun of her. Some of the kids told their story about when they had to use crutches or had a cast which help put Lindsey at ease. She felt as if she was the only person that had every been through something like this!

Today Kyle, Lillian and I spent the day basking in the 90° sunshine☀ at the baseball game! We did treat ourselves to a really yummy ice cream in a chocolate dipped waffle cone after the game. I had reapplied suntan lotion on Lillian about four or five times during the day and thankfully she didn't get sun burnt. Lillian and I sat under a shade tree in the breeze for both of the games and oh my those boys were exhausted by the end of the last game!

Oh yes and one last thing, I did finally manage to get a few pictures of the kids about two weeks ago! Last time I took their pictures together was right before Christmas! Why is it so hard to get everyone looking at me at the same time!!!!
Ha! They crack me up!!!!
As you can see, Jacob is not a huge fan of getting his picture taken!
I may have to bribe the kids and Chad to get a whole family picture! The last time we had a family picture taken was when Jacob was two!!!! Blessings, Lisa