Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Snow of 2010!

Earlier this week we had our first big snow fall of 2010, with about 8 inches of snow! The kids got out of school early on Thursday and didn't have school at all on Friday! On Thursday when the kids got home from school we went outside to go play in the snow and then on Friday they couldn't wait to go back outside to play! I have been practicing a lot with my camera settings so it was fun to take pictures of them out in the snow. Here are some of the pictures that I took! Below is one of my favorites that I took of Kyle! Thank goodness he knows not to throw snow at the paparazzi! Ha! Ha! He throw it at his sister instead!
And here is one of my favorites of Lindsey!
And Jacob walking in the snow, he was trying soo hard not to fall and get his hands "dirty" with snow!
Then I got some really cute pictures of Jacob, he loved eating the snow and still talks about it all the time! He is always saying "I eat the snow outside!" and starts laughing! It's too cute!
Jacob was having a blast outside until he fell in the snow! Poor little guy, he was saying "hold me, I don't like it"!
I'm pretty sure Jacob was thinking to himself "seriously mom put that stinkin camera down and get me out of this cold wet dirty stuff!" Not to worry, I did pick him up and took him inside and got all of his winter gear off and told him he could stand at the door and watch. I went back out to take a few more of Kyle and Lindsey (don't worry he could see us the whole time) and as I went to go back inside this below is what I found Jacob doing, licking the window!That little guy just cracks me up, I couldn't help but take a few pictures of him doing that, it was hysterical! We are definitely enjoying all this snow that we have, I don't think its going anywhere for a while! I do have some more pictures to add on here so be looking for them!!!    Lisa

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas last week, I know we sure did, it's so hard to believe its all over and that it's now 2010! In a way I am so glad the holiday's are now over so I can start to lose some of the weight that I sure gained from all the yummy food I devoured! It seems that we have been so busy the past few weeks, thankfully things are starting slow down for us! I finally got around to downloading the pictures from Christmas, I thought I would share a few with you! Below Lindsey is frosting a yummy cake for all of us to eat!!!
Below, is Kyle drooling, I mean watching Lindsey frost the cake!
Here is Jacob and I! (he is so silly!)
And here is Jacob, Lindsey and I making some yummy treats! 
In case you were wondering what we were making it is a very easy yummy recipe! Take two Ritz brand crackers and put peanut butter on one side than add the other cracker on top so that you have a peanut butter cracker sandwich. Next dip it in some melted chocolate (white or milk chocolate which ever you prefer, both are yummy!). Then just lay your chocolate covered peanut butter cracker on wax paper to harden. Once Chocolate is harden eat and enjoy! We ended up dipping some peanuts in the chocolate too! Oh my was that yummy, OK I guess anything with chocolate on it is yummy! After all the baking and eating it was time to open presents! Below is the biggest boy helping out the littlest boy! Ha! Ha!
Again daddy helping open up something for the little ones!
 Below is Kyle opening open of his presents!
Chad playing toys with Jacob.
Here is Jacob trying to play the new Wii, it was hysterical to watch him!
And finally one last picture! Merry Christmas!!!
Wow, talk about picture overload! Ha! Ha! I must say 2009 was quite a busy year for us! We had lots and lots of good times this past year along with one rather hard time, but we survived and thank God for all of our soo many blessings! I think the year ended on a very good note for us and can't wait to see whats ahead for 2010!!! Happy New Year everyone!!!