Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Backyard Fun!!

Just a little late on posting this but on Sunday the kids and I spent most of the day outside enjoying the warmer, sunny weather, which may be the last for awhile! Luckily Chad got all of the leaves cleaned up on Saturday so we could enjoy the backyard one last time before the winter snow, which by the way they are predicting flurries for Thanksgiving! Anyway I was trying to practice shooting my camera in manual mode while outside with the kids, I think they are used to me taking random pictures of them! I am much like the paparazzi! Here is one of Jacob with a ladybug/beetle which ever you want to call it! We had a hard time finding some that were alive, which is so funny because a few weeks ago they were everywhere! Don't mind his dirty little fingers.
Here is Kyle helping us look for some more.
Meanwhile Lindsey was spinning herself crazy on the tire swing, which looks like fun! Doesn't my yard look nice!!!
Below, Kyle and Jacob fixing the teeter totter, that isn't really broke, Jacob insisted that they work on it!
And I leave you with one little green swing!
I know we had a blast on Sunday, I wish we could have more warmer days like those, but all good things must come to end! Besides, this gives us something else to look forward to SNOW! Lisa

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Photography Lessons

This past Friday I went down to Indy to meet with a professional photography to finally learn how to use my camera. I admit I had never got my manual out that came with my camera until Last Thursday! Honestly though, when I read a few parts of the manual it was like reading a book in another language! I had to make sure I had the right manual! I met with Sarah, and she did a wonderful job explaining things to me. She made everything sound so easy and really it kinda was! We spent almost three hours talking cameras, what to look for in a picture, lighting, using different angles, aperture, shutter priority and what type of photo editing software to use! Let me just tell you by the end of the evening my head was about to explode, I had sooo much information! My main goal is to shoot in the manual settings rather than the auto settings. The reason why is that when using manual I can control how I want my pictures to look, not to mention the colors are much more true to life. On Saturday I took a few pictures of Jacob while we were out side raking leaves, below is one of the pictures I took of him using the manual setting.
This one here is the same photo, I just experimented with Photoshop's Lightroom a little bit to make it look more vintage!
I downloaded the latest version of Lightroom onto my computer yesterday and let me tell you it seems a lot easier to use than Photoshop Elements 7 that I also have and could never figure out! Sarah also uses Lightroom to edit some of her pictures and said its fairly easy, although I may end up having her teach me to use it properly! Overall I had a wonderful time, and Sarah was phenomenal, she really knows her stuff! Now I have a lot of practice to do!!!          Lisa

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fun Family Photo's

Today I took some more family photos for my amazing family! So the past two Sunday's I have been doing family photo shoots for fall, what fun! So here are just a few of the photo's that I took today! Please note, it was quite a hard decision to choose which picture to post on here, they all look sooo good! 
I love this one! It was so much fun working the dogs, they are so much apart of their family!
I think this one is my favorite one!
All the pictures turned out very well, now I can't wait to see them all in print! Stay tuned later this week, I am hoping to get a few new things that I have for the shop photographed and posted! Also this week looks a lot less stress full, I had three different exams last week!                    Lisa