Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The County Fair

We had our county fair last week which kept us pretty busy all week! Kyle did his tractor driving and did very well on it, he is a pretty good driver when it comes to lawn mowers! They have to drive through an obstacle course and take a parts test and quiz over mower safety.I am surprised at the amount of tractor parts he knows too, I had no clue what half of the stuff was, what it does or where it goes on the tractor! He was so hungry by the time the event was over he almost walked off without his ribbon! It started at 1o:00am and didn't get over until 2:00pm, way past our normal lunch time!He also took corn and soybeans along with his photography poster that turned out great! He finally got the hang of taking good pictures, he would stand so far away from his subject and he would only take like one or two pictures. I had to explain to him that photographers take lots of pictures and focus on your subject by getting closer and shoot from all different angles. He was pretty quick to catch on and had some really great shots. I did let him use my camera and we just printed of the pictures on our photo printer we have here at home. Also, while we were at the fair my husband (along with one of my older brothers, my dad and my father-in-law) are in our county's antique tractor club. Wahoo! Sounds like loads of fun doesn't! Alright, I admit it was kinda fun, my husband enjoys it so I guess I have just learned to enjoy it too. 
This is my favorite of all the tractors we have, also one of our very first tractors, my husband painted it purple because well, he's just Plum Crazy!
 Chad also brought the fun barrels for the kids to ride around in while at the fair. The barrels, as seen in the photos below, were made when Kyle and Lindsey were little! During the parade at the fair, Chad and the kids made it on our local news station, so I guess you can call them home town celebrity's! (This is Chad's newest old tractor that he got this spring.)
We had lots of redneck fun, at least that's what I called it! They had a slow tractor race to see who could go the slowest! That took a while!
And a teeter totter for tractors! See told ya redneck fun! I betcha hadn't seen that before! Don't worry I hadn't either! It looks much easier that it really is, I tried it with a much smaller tractor! I had to get in on all the action!
The kids also got to make their own ropes while at the fair. So we could tie them to a tree if they were bad! No, I'm just joking!
Jacob even helped out!
My three favorite guys, who I love!
I took this picture when the boys were walking ahead of me when we got to the fair one day! I seen them walking and just had to grab my camera out of my never ending purse and snap a picture! Brotherly love!
It was a fun week, very busy but we had fun at the fair and in a way I am glad its over! One bad thing did happen last week, we had to go back to the emergency room for Lindsey, she had to get 4 staples for a cut she got! I am taking her tomorrow to get them removed, poor little girl! I also have a few things that I have been working on for my shop, and will post them soon!!! I hoped you enjoyed our redneck fun!!! Talk to ya'll later!         Lisa

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Forgotten Knot!

Here it is, the Forgotten Knot Top! (I almost forgot to post this!) It's called the forgotten knot due to the fact that I forgot I even made it! With everything that has happened over the last month this top was shoved on the bottom of one of my fabric totes, and well forgotten about.  

This top will be available for just a limited time only so get one before they are gone!!! I have two that I am getting ready to ship out early next week! I'm thinking maybe three more and its gone! We have been so busy over the last two weeks its been crazy, come to think of it I don't think we have ever really been this busy before! Were kinda boring! ha!ha! We have most certainly covered the top half of Indiana from Lake Michigan to Indy and lots in between! We did take a nice vacation back to Lake Michigan, which was much needed, the kids and I can't wait to go back! The beaches were packed with people while we were there, so my pictures of the kids weren't very good because I have lots of other people in the background! The picture below is about the only one that doesn't have lots of people in it! I do love the colorful sailboats they look like so much fun! 
The last time I rode on a sailboat was years and years ago when I was still in high school, Chad and I went with his brother and my now sister-in-law! We are now planning our next beach get away in about a week or two, once our county fair is over. Jacob also got his pressure garment this week so that was another trip to Indy. It's a sage green color, we were going for the John Deere green color, just lighter in shade so he doesn't get to hot wearing it! He will also get a light yellow one in the mail in a couple of weeks, again the whole John Deere color thing! Can you tell we live on a farm or what! On the way home we stopped by our favorite little hot spot to eat, Carolina's Grill! Love it! The housing community that the restaurant is in is so stinkin cute! I had asked Chad if we could move down there when I got done with school and he said we can't were too country for a suburb! That and Chad has way to many tractors that the neighbors wouldn't want to see or hear everyday! I also love living out in the country and having lots of yard to roam, so I think were stuck here! Here is my littlest love bug! The only time he gets pop is when we go out to eat (which isn't to often) so he was super excited! Also the glass you see below accidentally broke when Chad bumped it with his arm while getting Jacob out to leave! Thankfully our amazing waitress was super sweet and said it happens all the time!
(Those sweet potato fries beside him look so yummy right now!) I must get to bed Kyle has a tractor driving competition tomorrow morning, the first day of the 4-H fair.      Lisa