Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Celebration!!!!

Jacob and I celebrated our birthday together today!!!! He turned 4 and I turned, well, another year older! I have found that with having the same birthday as Jacob, it really keeps my age out of the picture. People typically ask Jacob how old he is rather than asking me how old I am, which is a good thing because lets face it I can't even remember how old I am! This morning we went to the tractor store for him to pick out what he wanted for his birthday. Out of all of the tractors, and they have some really expensive ones, he picked out the cheapest! Really, he choose a small $3.00 tractor, a truck and a plow, which totaled around $10 for all three!

I picked out the John Deere Tractor UNO card game which looked like fun! We play UNO all the time at house, the set we have now is Curious George and is missing maybe half the deck! (Which makes for some really short games!) It was so funny to watch him looking at all the
tractors and stuff, he is such a little man!

Jacob is such a funny, smart, caring little guy, he is a great little brother and a great big brother. He is the greatest little helper, he loves to help bake and for some reason likes to help fold all of the smaller towels and vacuum. His favorite color is John Deere (green), he loves to play tractors, he hardly ever watches TV, and is clueless when it comes to Disney characters, he loves to be outside, he can be a wild little man at times, he prefers to wear boots, can listen to the same few books over and over and over, absolutely loves the song International Harvester by Graig Morgan, and fun to love♥!

Here are a few pictures from our birthday celebration tonight!!!!
We put 5 candles on the cake 4 for him and 1 for me! If we put all of them on there, we probably would have burnt the cake!
He blew them out and then we both blew them out together! (That was his favorite part!) Mine was eating the cake! (Jacob isn't a big cake eater, he preferred the ice cream!)
Then he tried licking the tractor clean!
Then on to the presents!!!!
I got him the cutest little monkey, named Gus, that has magnetic hands!
We both shared another wonderful birthday together and Jacob is now four and I am yet another year younger!!!! Blessings, Lisa

One Thousand Blessings


41. Watching Kyle and Lindsey play basketball

42. The smell of rain

43. Watching Jacob paint the walls in the kitchen

44. My new kitchen

45. Celebrating my birthday for the past 4 years with Jacob

46. Knowing that for many many more years Jacob and I will be celebrating our birthday together

47. Watching Jacob decide which toy to pick out for his birthday at the tractor store

48. Birthday cake

49. Blowing out candles

50. Eating cake and ice cream

To learn more about One Thousand Gifts, go to Ann's blog A Holy Experience and take the dare to count as many blessings that God has given you!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little Green Swing Clothing

This week over at Kelly's Korner Blog she is hosting "show us what you make", so today I am linking up! I design and sew children's boutique style clothing, I started my business up in the summer of 2008 and have loved it ever since. The reason I started was not only my love of fabrics and sewing but to make cute little comfy pants for my little chunky baby boy and I wanted some cute duds for my daughter Lindsey without paying way to much money. I started my business just for the fun of and not thinking that anything would ever become of it. I was surprised that it had grown as much as it has over the years and I am so thankful to all of my amazing customers.

The name Little Green Swing came from us having only one little green swing on our playhouse in the backyard. When ever the kids would go outside to play they always "called" the green swing way before they would get to it! Now, of course we have more than one green swing and that phrase doesn't get said as often, but it will always be remembered at our house! Also, Little Green Swing is meant to be fun, I like for my designs to be fun and for all of the little people to have fun wearing them!!!!

Here are just some of my designs, more can be found in my online shop and in my etsy shop
I have decided to do a Giveaway for this fun little dress pictured below!
Sizes are from 6 month up to girls size 8.
You have three chances to win so good luck!!!!
Here's how to win!!!!
~ Leave a comment on this post
~ Follow Little Green Swing Blog (then leave a comment letting me know you did.)
~ Give Little Green Swing your thumbs up on Facebook found here (and leave a comment if you did.)

If you don't have a blog and wish to be entered into the drawing please email me at littlegreenswing{at}yahoo{dot}com and I will enter you into the drawing!!!!

The drawing will take place on Tuesday March 1st! Good luck and thanks for swinging by!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Painting The Kitchen!

Today we finally started painting the walls in the kitchen, how nervous/exciting! I usually get nervous about paint colors, I never know if I am going to like the color as well as I hoped. Thankfully I really like the color so far, which is a good thing considering the price of the paint and the time gone into painting.

The paint color I choose for the kitchen is Golden Chenille by Benjamin Moore. It does have a golden undertone and will look really pretty with our cabinets. Only half of the room has been painted so far, it is a big difference with the color on the wall as apposed to the bright white primer.
Jacob wanted to help paint so I let him! He actually did a really good job!
(For a three year old!)
Then he did this awesome paint job pictured below, he was sooo proud and even wanted his picture taken with his masterpiece!
What's great about having Jacob paint is that he doesn't ask for any money or really anything! He paints for free, how great is that!

We also finished up the bathroom which I really like the color in there. The color for the bathroom is Sea Foam by Benjamin Moore which is a really light blue/green color.
For the bathroom I am wanting to use very light in colors and have a beachy theme to it. I plan on using a simple white shower curtain and we bought a simple white vanity for in there. The bathroom is not big by any means so the brighter it is the bigger it will look. Lets hope so anyway! We have a local contractor coming in sometime this week to start working on putting the sub floors down in the kitchen, bathroom and utility room. Once he gets done with the floors then we can finish putting all the pieces together in those rooms! How exciting, everything is starting to come together!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tasting Something New!

Lillian got the joy of tasting cardboard flakes in a box! OK not really, it was baby oatmeal, they might as well call it cardboard flakes by the looks and smell of it! To think the little girl actually ate it, maybe not by choose! Every time I would give her a bit she would cringe to get it down. You know that feeling you get when you eat something really sour, yep that is exactly what she acted like. I also gave her a sippy cup for the first time and of course she looked at me like I was crazy to think she was going to drink out of that contraption! I put formula in it and oh my she didn't like that stuff, I can't say that I blame her, it does smell pretty yucky! She gave me some of the silliest faces while I was feeding her! My favorite being the first one!!!!
She kept looking at Lindsey for help, she was sitting in the chair beside me!
Lillian wondering what in the world that cup is for!
It wasn't all torture, Lindsey did manage to get her to smile! (Quite possibly keeping her mind off of the nasty food she was eating!)
I was hoping that by giving her some baby cereal she will start to sleep through the night! I know that was just wishful thinking because that doesn't always work on every baby and especially not her. Oh how I would love a good nights sleep, even if it was for one night! Then again she is only little for just a short time and I had better embrace every early morning feed while I still can, half awake!

I don't think Lillian really cares about eating food yet which is probably a good thing as I am beginning to think I want to do all home aid baby food with her. This will give me a little time to start researching recipes and such online before I really get her going on foods within another month or two!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Monday, February 21, 2011

One Thousand Blessings


31. Playing with sand toys in the snow

32. Warm February days

33. Excitement of Lillian rolling over for the first time by herself

34. A baby learning to babble

35. Watching the kids have fun at the school carnival

36. Cotton candy

37. Sticky fingers

38. Blowing bubbles

39. Trying a new recipe and everyone enjoying it

40. Chad and the boys huddled around a tractor book

To learn more about One Thousands Gifts, go to Ann's blog A Holy Experience and take the dare to count the many blessings that God has given you!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Very Busy Saturday!

Today was quite a busy day for us! Chad had to take my van to go get new tires on since I had pooped a tire yesterday on my way to town! Quite scary, I heard a pop while I was driving and then had to turn into someones drive way off of the highway, I got out walked around the van and didn't see anything. So I had to call Chad at work and when he got to where I was, my back tire was completely deflated! Thankfully I was only two, yes only two, miles from home! He put the funny looking spare tire on and I drove home. This morning I got four new tires put on, just what I've always wanted! Chad told me that was my birthday present! Not what I wanted for my birthday, I wanted french doors for the master bedroom!

Then we got the bathroom painted over at the other house! It turned out to be really light in color, almost as if they forgot to put the color in the paint! The color is Sea foam by Benjamin Moore and it is quite pretty! I can't wait to see what it looks like with the shower curtain and sink in place. Chad also put up the light fixture in the bathroom that I scored at Lowe's for $15 a few months ago!

OK enough of that boring stuff now on to the fun stuff! Kyle and Lindsey's school had a carnival tonight which turned out to be lots of fun! It was a little overwhelming with sooo much to see and do and the kid's loved the blow up slides. They had lots of games that they could play and win prizes along with big raffle prizes that could be won! (No we didn't win any but it was fun to watch!) I didn't take a whole lot of pictures while we were there simply because I had Lillian in the sling and found it complicated to juggle her, a purse, bag full of goodies and my camera! At least I got a few pictures! Lindsey telling her friend about her cousin who came with us.
All three had a blast and they also had a kiss the pig contest towards the end of the night. I was expecting a huge pig to come out and what do know, they bring this cute little baby pig! Gosh, I would have even kissed that little pig! The kids still thought it was funny to watch the little baby pig! Blessings, Lisa

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Little Warm Up!

Yesterday the temperature outside was 60° and sunny☀! Jacob could not wait to go outside and play in the melting snow that was still on the ground. I put Lillian in the sling and we headed out for the first time in a very long time! I can not wait until spring, sitting on the back porch in the sunshine was soooo what I needed yesterday. This winter has been awful, with the weather being way to cold to be outside and a lot more snow than usual! I am definitely a not a winter person, I would prefer a nice hot day at the beach, is it spring yet!? Jacob had a blast outside and Lillian, she was just thrilled to be outside!
Yep, told she was thrilled! Ha! Ha! She really loved basking in the sunlight too, can't you tell!
Jacob seemed to have a blast outside! What's funny is that he found a beach toy in the shed and was playing in the snow with it!
I had to convince the Jacob that he didn't need to wear his coverall's outside yesterday! For some reason he loves to wear his coverall's even inside! He's silly like that, I think he gets that from Chad since he always wears his coveralls. Today was a bit cooler and blustery so we didn't get out much to play or at least Lillian and I didn't. It's supposed to get cooler again next week so I am glad we enjoyed our very little warm up while it lasted!

Oh yes and I almost forgot, Lillian rolled over all by her little self yesterday! Hooray! She has been trying to get somewhere for quite a while now but couldn't quite make it over by herself. I laid her on her blanket yesterday on her belly and as soon as I put her down she rolled over! I think it startled her a little when she got over along with all of my excitement, so of course we had to do it again and again! I did manage to get it on video, now if only I can figure out how to get that on the computer! Now she is working on rolling over the other way back to belly! Yikes look out she's on a roll!!!! Blessings, Lisa

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day 2011!

This years Valentines is very boring compared to last years found here! I don't think anything will ever top last years Valentine's day gift that I gave Chad! Even though he had to weight nine months for the other half! Chad and I didn't even go out to eat dinner, not with a cranky baby. I told him we will have to make plans for my birthday then!
We ended up making Valentine cookies on Monday after school. I broke the E when I was trying get off the pan!
The boys would have rather played in the frosting and food coloring than decorate the cookies!
Lindsey also made cute little bracelets for all of the girls in her class, I did help her with some of them! Poor girl got one of her bracelets all beaded up and handed it to me to tie and before she could even give it to me.∴. all over the table and floor! Then I went to tie another one that she made and again... they spill everywhere! So I felt obligated to help her since I did ruin two she worked hard on! Kyle and Jacob were both into the beaded bracelet making thing too! I was amazed how good Jacob could manipulate the tiny beads on to that tiny little band! (His patience did start to grow thin after awhile!)
I am glad Valentines day is over and gone and slowly the cards will dwindle their way in the trash! Blessings, Lisa

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lets Play Ball!

On Saturday Kyle and Lindsey had basketball, they were both excited to go since they had to miss their last game due to the plague that made it's way to our house! I had been wanting to take some pictures of them before the basketball season is over. Little miss Lillie was not happy to be at the gym, she hardly slept that night before/very early morning and was not feeling well due to her shots which left her with some great side effects! Cranky baby being one of them! (Oh but we love her to pieces and glad she is doing much better now!)

I took some pictures of Kyle playing and unfortunately didn't get any of Lindsey! I tried to get some decent pictures but they wouldn't stand still and the lighting in the gym is horrible! Here is Kyle playing ball, he is number 6!
After basketball the Kyle and Lindsey wanted to go out to lunch at a cute little restaurant nearby. So we ate lunch and then headed home over this iron bridge that the kids like to go over! I admit it scares me driving over it because it is really loud once you hit the bridge! Kyle then asks me "how much does our van weigh?" I told him about a ton and he says "OK, good" I asked why and then he tells me the sign said Weight Limit 5 Tons! So I told him I guess we won't be driving a semi filled with grain in the back over that bridge! We then decided to drove back around the block to go over the bridge a second time!
We got home I took tried to take pictures of Kyle and Lindsey together!
They really do love each other!
Basketball is almost over for them and I can tell that they are all doing better and better with each game! They are such a joy to watch!!!! Blessings, Lisa

One Thousand Blessings

Numbers 21-30 (Only 970 more to go!)

21. Loving♡

22. Being loved ♥

23. The smell of freshly baked semi-homemade cookies

24. Semi-home aid cookies, because sometimes I am lazy and don't want to make my own from scratch

25. A mess in the kitchen

26. Heart shaped cookies

27. Melting snow

28. Birds singing

29. The sound of the bus coming down the road to drop off two of my favorite little people

30. The sound of Chad's truck coming up the drive

To learn more about One Thousand Gifts, go to Ann's blog A Holy Experience and take the dare to count the many blessings that God has given you!!!!