Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Renovation Project!!!

Oh my have we been busy lately!!! I realize that's it been over a month since my last post! Goodness gracious, all with good reason though! So a few weeks ago well, two to be exact, Chad and I bought a different home and well it's a fixer upper of sorts. But hey, the price was right and we are now one of the many people taking advantage of the foreclosures that are selling like crazy. Someones loss but our gain, sad isn't it! The house that we bought is a Queenanne Victorian built way back in 1866, if I remembered correctly. The house has four bedrooms and only one bathroom. Ugh! We don't plan to move until around the Fourth of July simply because we have soo much work to do on it. We really don't want to move in the house until everything is done. Some of the things that we need to do are as follows!

Take out a wall or two in the kitchen and expand it from 13x13 to 13x19
Rip out kitchen cabinets, ceiling and floor (try to decide on what kind of new cabinets to get!)
Order all new kitchen cabinets and flooring (not to mention finish the walls)
Take out everything in the bathroom, such as tub, sink, toilet and replace it with all new. Plus a new floor in the bathroom
Sand all of the hardwood floors and seal them
Make a final decision on the nasty paneling on the walls (convince Chad that the 70's called and said they want the paneling back)
Clean all of the Irish lace off the walls (Irish lace is the fancy term I use for cob webs)
Paint and paint some more and did I mention paint
Plant some pretty flowers outside
Put in new windows
Fix the siding on the outside
Have someone come fix the brick outside on the front of the house
I'm sure that we have lots of other things that I have forgotten, but hey that's a start!!!
So I'm sure your probably wonder what it looks like inside, unfortunately I have only taken a few! I really need to get in there and take some more before pictures. Below is a picture of the staircase that is all intact still! My favorite is part of the house besides the 9 foot ceilings!
This is the kitchen wall that we are taking out to expand it from 13 foot long to 19 foot long!
As you can see in the picture above the ugly cabinets that are going! Along with that ugly ceiling and window blinds! Well, I guess we have enough stuff to keep us busy for awhile! I can't wait for a nice weekend so that I can get outside and plant some flowers. I had a local interior boutique owner come over and get her opinion on what to do inside and out and she gave me tons of ideas and tips that I can't wait to get done! If only we had more time to work on the house, right now we have only been working on the weekends so not a lot is getting done. I am hoping that this weekend we can get it cleaned of Irish lace, finish ripping out the wall in the kitchen and get some flowers planted in the yard, if the weather cooperates. It's going to be a work in progress so you will need to check back frequently!!! Lisa