Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun at the park!

Today I took the kids out to eat for lunch, went to the library and then to the park. I of course had to bring along my new camera to practice my photography and get some fun action shots of the kids. I will admit it I am completely addicted to my new camera, I find myself taking it with me a lot and it even gets to sit in the front seat next to me. And no I don't fasten its seat belt, although I probably should with my driving! ha!ha! I had told the kids that we would play at the playground for a little bit then go down to where the trails are and go on a walk. They surprised me by wanting to go on the trails a lot sooner than what I thought! Which was a good thing, I had a few parents who where looking at me kinda funny while I was taking pictures of my children with my camera. Anyway, here are some fun shoots that I took while at the park. 
Jacob loved going down the slide like a big boy!!!
The kids throwing rocks in the water.
Yes, I did let them play in the creek!
It was all fun until someone got wet!And it just so happened to be the drama queen oops! I mean Lindsey!
Say Huckleberry Finn!
I am sure you were wondering were Jacob was while the other kids were bathing, oops! I mean playing in the creek! Well, he sat ever so patiently in the stroller, I think he was really tired from the playground, I was very grateful that he never once wanted to get out and walk! (Thank goodness!)
Then it was time to go, since they had wet feet, pants and shoes!
Until next time!
I know the kids had fun and I had fun shooting lots (and boy do I mean lots) of picture of them! That is one thing that I love about my camera, I can shoot lots of action pictures in a row then go back and delete the ones that I don't want. I know the next time we go back there it will be a little warmer! Well, I have got to hit the sack we have another very busy day tomorrow!!! 


Monday, March 23, 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

It's party time!!! I have joined the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom, its a great way to meet other wonderful bloggers! 
Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I am a wife, mother of three super cool kids, children's clothing designer and as if that wasn't enough I am also in school! You can check out my children's clothing designs at my website or at my etsy shop! Thank you so much for swinging by!!! 


Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring 2009

Welcome Spring 2009, I know I am definitely ready for spring and warmer weather!!! Speaking of spring here is my first ever spring collection for Little Green Swing! Here are some of the items which you can find in both my etsy shop and at my website
Picnic Rose Knot Dress
Dandelion Rose Knot Dress
Picnic Rose Apron Skirt
Spring Picnic Peasant Top
I must say a huge thank you to my little model, who was brave enough to go out into the cold in a tee shirt and skirt! (Don't worry she didn't get sick!) Although she did ask for some kind of fashion pup that some of the girls must have at school for her modeling! I hope you enjoy my spring collection be sure to swing by my shops and watch for a few more items that I will be adding soon!!!                      
Happy Spring:)                  


Friday, March 13, 2009

Kyle's photography

Ever since I got my new camera Kyle has been hounding me about using my old camera. I told him he could have it but I just need to buy a new memory card for it, since the other one is completely filled up. Well since I always seem to forget and he really wants to start taking pictures for his 4H photography project(which isn't due until July), I decided to let him use my baby. I was very impressed with the photos that he took of Jacob while in the backyard today!!! Here are just a few photos taken by an 8 year old that I am so blessed to call mine!!! 
A boy and his toys.

This photo was taken inside the kids playhouse.
If only I knew how to work the new camera myself, then we'd be in business!!!      

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sage, beige or blue which one should I do!!!

Well, this Saturday my husband and I are going to paint our bedroom, sounds pretty easy, just buy a color and paint. Well, I wish it was that easy, the problem is I still, after months of looking at paint colors, can not decide on what color I want to paint the room. I absolutely love the sage green color of this bedroom.  
 image: Country Living
But I also love the brightness of this room, and that armoire is simply beautiful!

For now I think I am leaning more towards a neutral color somewhat like the picture below. It has a warm cozy feel to it, by the way I love the light fixture!  
After looking at tons of photos from Country Living and BHG I am starting to feel inspired to change things up a bit and paint. Its just the power of paint, it truly does make all the difference when it comes to a room. Now, I just have to decide which color I am going to go for, I have until Friday night! Oh the pressure! (Don't worry I will keep you posted on which color I decide.)