Thursday, May 20, 2010

Catching Up!!!!

I feel that I have a lot of catching up to do here on my blog! We have been just a tad busy lately! A month ago I took the kids to Purdue for the Spring Fest on a beautiful warm April afternoon. The kids had a blast while at Purdue not to mention there was so much to see and do while we where there. Here are some pictures of our very fun day!!! The kids loved the goop mixture below, which is simply corn starch and water! It was a fun way to start the morning!
I think Lindsey loved playing in after awhile, she wasn't sure about "getting dirty" at first!!!
My nephew went along with us that day!!! (And Jacob stayed with Chad!)
Doesn't that look like fun! I am starting to think I need to make some of that for the kids to play in here at home! Jacob would love playing in some goop!
Then the kids went to make some rockets to launch to the moon! (Below is Kyle's rocket getting ready to be launched.)
Then it was Chase's turn to fly!
And then Lindsey's turn!!!
Next, the kids went to the engineering tent to build a bridge! Easier said than done for Lindsey and I! The boys totally rocked at building the bridge!!! Us girls on the other hand, well it kept falling apart, no driving on our bridge! Ha! Ha!
Here are some very proud engineers!!!
Then the kids became archaeologists and dug for some fossils.
As we were leaving Purdue we needed to get a group picture! Ironically enough a classmate that was in one of my classes last semester was walking by us when I was taking pictures of the kids and offered to take a group photo for us! What were the odds of them walking by at that moment! Of course it was great to meet my classmates family that they had talked about in class!!!
Lindsey posing as usual!
And then the boys!
After we left Purdue we went to eat a late lunch at a really yummy resturant named Dog n' Sud's, then went to a park that has trails to walk along and of course a really fun playground. The kids loved this! Check out this cool dude! He reminds of Chad!
I am always amazed at how super strong Lindsey is! (Of course she gets that from her mother!) When ever she sees monkey bars she can always make it from one end to the other without dropping! Starting from point A.
And of course making it to point B!
Wow, it makes me tired just watching her! Ha! Ha! I also got a really fun action picture of my nephew while playing tag!
And one last picture that I have of Kyle resting.
Kyle reminds me sooo much of Chad in that picture. It's funny how the boys sometimes do things that their father does. For instance, Kyle sitting a certain way is the same way his daddy sits! Also, the way he will stand sometimes is the same! Like father like son I guess! I think it's cute when that happens! Overall, we had a very busy yet fun day!!! Lisa