Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beachy Chic Bathrooms

With the renovation project that we started in April, included completely gutting the bathroom and starting all over literally with a whole new floor and wall to a new ceiling! Well, this week thanks to my handy dandy husband we are finally starting to see the progress! He finished the ceiling and put the new bathtub in the other day, so we are getting closer to having one room completely finished! I have some fun decisions to make now, what kind of sink do I want, color for the walls and those small extra details that add so much to a room! Here are some of the pictures that I am taking my inspiration from! Since are bathroom isn't large by any means I want to keep it light in color and somewhat of a beach/shabby chic theme. I love the beachy feel of the bathroom below!
{Photo from Better Homes and Gardens}
Beaded board sink bases gives this bathroom above, such a chic cottage look! {Photo from Better Homes and Gardens}
{Photo from Better Homes and Gardens}
Ooh! La! La! How I love the sink base below!
{Photo from Better Homes and Gardens}
{Photo Better Homes and Gardens} I really think I may be leaning more towards a light blue color for the walls along with a white vanity. I am hoping we will have our bathroom done by this weekend or at the latest, sometime next week! In the meantime, I will be shopping at Lowe's and going through my decorating magazines for more inspiration!!!! Lisa

Monday, August 23, 2010

More Summer Fun!!!

Well, its official summer break is over for Kyle and Lindsey! They both started school last Tuesday at their new school and love it! We still have not moved into our new house yet but thankfully we live on the border of the school district our new house is located in so the bus can pick them up! We had a very busy and fun summer this year it was hard to see them go back to school! I think Jacob missed them too, had asked me every day last week to "go get them" from school! I thought I would share some more pictures from our summer break. Below is Jacob when we went to the park, he called it Lake Michigan and of course this picture was taken before he got all wet!
And below is Lindsey right before she got wet when she fell in the water!
And Kyle below looking to see if he can find any little fish! He didn't fall in the water like Jacob and Lindsey did! He! He!
My little Huckleberry Finn!
Jacob seemed to have found a little fish!
The boys playing in the mud!
On the last Friday before the kids had to back to school I took them to the zoo. It was also one of the hottest days this summer, so we didn't stay for to long!
The boys playing on the tractor!
As you can see, even the goats were hot and trying to stay cool in the shade!
Jacob talking to the goats! He was saying "hey, what are you doing up there?" to the little goat!
Of course Jacob found a way to cool off!
As you can see below how hot and sweaty the kids were, it was much hotter than first time we went to the zoo this summer! We tried to cool off with a train ride before we left, all I can say is thank goodness for air-conditioning! We have had sooo many 90 degree days here, I know I am ready for some cooler weather!!!I think I have finally got this poor neglected blog updated with all of our summer fun! It went by way to fast! I guess the saying is right "time flies when you're having fun"! I do have lots of renovation projects to blog about as we are hopefully finishing up the house within the next six weeks or so! Be sure to check back soon!!! Lisa

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Fun!

Oh my goodness has it been awhile since my last blog post! We have been enjoying just our summer, which has been very busy! It's hard to believe that the kids will be starting back to school in just two more weeks! Wow, I don't think I'm ready for them to go back yet! Here are some pictures from we went to the beach this summer. Jacob went for the first time, since he couldn't go with us much last year! He loved the beach, just like his mama! Below, he wasn't quite sure about all that water!
Jacob loved playing all that sand!!!!
Break Time! Playing at the beach can be hard work!
His break didn't last long! He! He!
Kyle and Lindsey enjoying the water!!
The four and a half of us! Poor Lindsey, Jacob put sand all over her legs right before the picture! He! He! Kyle and I thought it was funny!:)
This is Lindsey below as the sun was getting ready to set!
And here is one of Kyle as the sun was setting! I loved the way these pictures turned out!
We had a wonderful day at the beach as usual and Jacob sure loved it! Except for the three times that he choked on the water! He needs to learn to keep his mouth closed when he is splashing and jumping in the water! I am hoping to catch up on my blogging, I lots more to share with you, so keep checking back!!!! Lisa