Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Backyard Fun!!

Just a little late on posting this but on Sunday the kids and I spent most of the day outside enjoying the warmer, sunny weather, which may be the last for awhile! Luckily Chad got all of the leaves cleaned up on Saturday so we could enjoy the backyard one last time before the winter snow, which by the way they are predicting flurries for Thanksgiving! Anyway I was trying to practice shooting my camera in manual mode while outside with the kids, I think they are used to me taking random pictures of them! I am much like the paparazzi! Here is one of Jacob with a ladybug/beetle which ever you want to call it! We had a hard time finding some that were alive, which is so funny because a few weeks ago they were everywhere! Don't mind his dirty little fingers.
Here is Kyle helping us look for some more.
Meanwhile Lindsey was spinning herself crazy on the tire swing, which looks like fun! Doesn't my yard look nice!!!
Below, Kyle and Jacob fixing the teeter totter, that isn't really broke, Jacob insisted that they work on it!
And I leave you with one little green swing!
I know we had a blast on Sunday, I wish we could have more warmer days like those, but all good things must come to end! Besides, this gives us something else to look forward to SNOW! Lisa

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Moore Minutes said...

What a happy and warm post! I so enjoyed reading this. :)