Sunday, March 7, 2010

Birthday Celebrations!!!

Last Sunday on February 28th Jacob and I celebrated our birthdays together! How exciting is that, I get to celebrate my birthday with such a sweet little guy! I have to admit, he was the best birthday present I have ever and probably will ever get! He was actually due on the 27th, but he wanted to make it easier on mommy to remember his birthday and came on the 28th instead. (I admit it's kinda nice that I only have to remember the year he was born!) So, for our birthday we had a nice quite evening with family and of course my favorite cake! Ha! Ha! As you will see in the picture below, Jacob isn't all about the cake, he wants to open his presents!!! Can't say that I blame him, I would too!
Then he realized that we wanted him to blow out the candles!
He wasn't quite sure about the whole candle thing! I love his expression below "really I have to blow all of these candles out before I can have my toy back!?"! Ha! Ha!
OK, lets get this picture thing over, I want cake he wants to play with his new toys!
And so, that is exactly what we did! Jacob is such a funny little guy, he kept saying that he was going to be five and that I was going to be sixteen! Umm, not sure if I would ever want to be sixteen again! Jacob actually turned 3 years old this year and I turned, well lets just say I'm few years older than him! Ha! I'm sure your wonder what I got for my birthday! Well, I got a Lego beach house, is that funny or what! Yep, I finally got my dream beach house, well except it isn't pink like I wanted! Lego company if you are reading this, please bring back the pink and white beach house that I had when I was younger! Black and yellow just are not my beach colors! I did also get some new stainless steal kitchen aid pots and pans, only because my other red kitchen aid one's are really wore out. (Now I just need to find a really good cookbook!) Jacob and I did have a wonderful birthday this year and we are so blessed to be able to celebrate our birthdays together every year!!! Happy third birthday to my sweet Jacob, mommy loves you!!! Lisa

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