Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two Weeks Old!

Little Miss Lillian you are two weeks old today! Where has the time gone, I guess the saying is true "time flies when your having fun!". You had your two week check up on Tuesday of this week and you got to meet our family doctor for the first time. Of course she said your perfect, but we already knew that! You weighed in at 8 pounds and 7 ounces at your check in, so you sure aren't missing a meal. Last Monday you weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces. You have started to work on schedule somewhat, at least you have your bedtime routine down. After Kyle, Lindsey and Jacob have their bath then it's your turn, then of course it's story time and sleepy time for all of you kids. I still give you a sponge bath simply because you weren't so sure about you bathtub when I put you in it the other day. Along with you really don't like to be in the nude at this age because you feel lost, which is normal. Then you usually wake up around 12:00am and of course that is when I end up bringing you to bed with me. Leaving daddy to sleep on the couch for the rest of the night. Your lucky he doesn't mind as long as we get our sleep! Of course you always wake up when Kyle and Lindsey wake up to get ready for school. No honey you can't go to school yet! You are staying awake for longer periods during the day to play. You love to walk around the house while in my arms and look out the windows and watch your silly brother. Your baby shakes as I call them are getting better as your nervous system is maturing. I remember that used to scare me when Kyle was a newborn, but it's perfectly normal your body is learning how to handle the outside world. You love to be swaddled in your blankets when you sleep at night, but to much during the day. Probably because I am usually holding you! When you are crying you tend to calm down when I make the shhh sound and get close to your face and hold you tight. Of course I still check to make sure your breathing when you are sleeping. The funny thing is that I seen Kyle doing the same thing one day when you first came home! He said he wasn't sure if you were breathing! I think we all do that to you, it's somewhat of a natural instinct for a newborn, I seen your father doing the same thing! Here are some cute pictures of you when we came home from your check up the other day! The first one you look like a little baby doll! The second one you were smiling at Jacob! I just happened to catch you at the right moment!!!!Of course Kyle, Lindsey and Jacob love you to pieces and so does mommy and daddy!!!! Blessings, Mommy

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