Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Birthday Party!

On Saturday Lindsey had a birthday party with her friends. She was really excited to have her friends come over and see her pretty bedroom, she even cleaned it by herself! (Not there was much to clean!) Lindsey had a few friends from her school come over along with some out of town friends she was excited to see. The party was only two hours long, at first I thought that was plenty of time, but towards the end I felt really rushed! I had an agenda to follow, with lots to do a little time! I think the girls would have enjoyed playing upstairs in Lindsey's room, but there just wasn't time for that!
Here is what our agenda looked like, once the girls came we started a really cute farm craft, then it was time to play a few games. We also played pin the tail on the horse with a really funny looking horse that I had drawn out on poster board.Then we did a ring toss with some little ropes that I made into circles, then we played musical chairs. And finally we went outside and had a pony race! Then we went back inside for some cake and ice cream, yum yum! Lastly, we all got our coats on and went on a hay ride around town singing farming songs such as 'The Farmer in The Dell', 'BINGO' and 'Old Mc Donald Had a Farm' to name a few!We ran a little behind schedule with the tractor ride but thankfully the parents didn't mind. I think the girls had fun, I know I did and most importantly Lindsey did! Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl, Lindsey we love you so much!!!!

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