Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Decorating!!!

When it comes to decorating the house I am so into it! I actually got my first cloche a few weeks ago, OK so if you don't know what a cloche is, well its the glass dome thing in the picture below! (Don't worry I didn't know what they were called either until I read the current issue of Country Living magazine, now we don't have to refer to it as the glass dome thing anymore! ha!ha!) The cloche is very fun to decorate with, you can use them in so many different ways, I think I may just have to get me a few more! Here are a few more pictures from my table scape that I put together using the items that I have collected from a boutique nearby that I absolutely love to
shop at! Check out the oh so cute cast iron bird bath below! Is that cute or what! When I bought this last Saturday my intentions were to put this on the counter in the bathroom next to the sink. But I think I like it here better! Check out the eggs, they are actually little soaps, is that cute or what! The funniest thing was that Lindsey went to the shop with me when I bought the birdbath on Saturday and when she heard daddy coming in she asked me if I took the price tag off of it! I guess I have taught her well!


Cara said...

OMGoodness!!! My Mom does the same thing!!! She has little "scenes" everywhere!! So cute!! She has that cream bird too :)

Di said...

Girl I didn't know those domes had names either! I have one too but when I ordered mine from Southern Living At Home I think they called them glass domes as well!