Friday, May 8, 2009


Thank Goodness It's Friday! I have been waiting for this week for quite a while, this was finals week for me at school which I am so glad its over or at least until the fall! The past two weeks have been very busy with homework, studying, and projects and staying up until one or two in the morning I am ready for a break! Well enough about that, here are a few designs that I finally got around to retaking pictures.
I love this capri pants that are pictured below, in fact I am really thinking about making an adult version, they look so comfy!
I also started Lindsey in gymnastics this past Wednesday and she loved it! I took her to the gym that I worked at for almost six years, if fact I was pregnant with her while I worked there! I had to give it up when I was eight months pregnant with Jacob, I loved it but I couldn't be in two different places at once. I taught preschool age all the way up to level four yeah pregnant and doing the level four routine with the girls I bet that was a fun sight to see! Anyway she loved it and loved just being back there and seeing all the kids that I had taught, wow have that really grown in the past two years!
I am hoping to have a sneak peak for you tomorrow of some fun fabrics that I have plans to make some very limited edition items with! Now that I am not in school I have lots more time to get some much needed sewing done!

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