Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Trip to Indy!

On Monday Jacob had another doctor's appointment down in Indy, to meet with his doctor and get his new pressure garment glove from his physical therapist. He was excited to get his new glove considering his other ones were wore out and to small! His doctor said that everything looks great, he has to go back down toward the end of December. The doctor suggested seeing him in two months rather than three since he is such a growing little guy! So he will have to be fitted again for another glove when we go back down, this will hopefully prevent the gloves from getting so wore out. After his doctors appointment and on the way back home we stopped by the Harley Davidson shop to do some shopping! Jacob was excited to see the bikes, he liked looking at the toys they had, meanwhile I was trying to find the boys matching shirts. 
In the picture below, Jacob checking out the bike!
"Yeap dad, this is the one!" Forget those plastic toys!
Not to worry, he did settle for those plastic toys after all!
And as for Chad, well lets just say he was dreaming and drooling! Of course he had some things to show me, just a little out of our price range! (OK did I say a little, I mean a lot!) 
Here are the two wild boys in their matching shirts! 
Overall we had a great day and I was just glad to see Jacob get his much needed new glove! I think he was too!                                Lisa

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