Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A farmer in training!

It's that time of year again, the harvest season is upon us! Last week was the first week that we got into the fields. Jacob of course was excited to see the combine drive past last week and I mentioned to him that they were going to "pick beans". Well Jacob says to me "no cut beans", wow I thought this coming from a two year old! So of course I just had to ask him "do you cut corn?" and he says "no pick corn" in a very stern voice! I was just too funny, he was so serious when we were talking, he probably thought I was out of my mind not knowing how to farm! On the first day the guys got in the fields I took the kids down to the bean field for a ride in the combine. At first Jacob was excited to see the combine in the field but when it got closer and when it came time to get in it he seemed a little apprehensive. 
We assured him that it was fine and away they went down the field, he was excited about the ride when he got back! And still talks about it allllll the time!!!
This past Saturday when we were picking corn, the kids got to ride to town to the elevator to drop off the corn.
Kyle has gone lots of times so this was nothing new to him but for Lindsey and Jacob they thought it was pretty neat! Of course Chad mentioned to me that we can't waste time at the elevator and we soon found out why! When we got back to field the auger wagon was full and the combine was almost full! I don't think I could make it being a farmer, way to much to learn! That and you really don't want me driving a combine, now that would be scary! OK I think that's enough farming pictures for one blog!                                                              Lisa

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