Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just a little late!

OK so I realize that these pictures are just a little late considering that Thanksgiving and Lindsey's birthday were last week! I have been sooo busy with school work as the semester comes closer to an end! Wahoo! (two more weeks!) We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, we spent the day at Chad's parents house with his brother and sisters and 14 kids altogether, honestly it was really fun! The day after Thanksgiving was Lindsey's birthday and she turned seven years old! My is she getting old! Here are a few pictures form her birthday! (I'm not sure why my photos are looking all grainy here on blogger, when they sure don't look that way on my computer!)
Here is a picture of her birthday cake!
Lindsey blowing out the candles! 
 We didn't get to go out to eat at her favorite restaurant Paneras only because I did not want to get out with all the people shopping! Hopefully we can do that next weekend when we won't be so busy! She did have a good birthday and I just can't believe my little girl is seven years old now, wow time sure flies by when your having fun!                                Lisa

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