Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Program

It's that time of year again, Christmas Programs are in full swing! Kyle and Lindsey had their program earlier tonight at school. They had fun but I think they are glad it's over, or at least Kyle is, Lindsey on the other had loves to be in the spotlight! She definitely doesn't get that from her mother, that's for sure! Here are some pictures from this evening. I used my 55-200m lens so I could really zoom in on them! Unfortunately the gym lighting was horrible! 
Below is Lindsey shaking her tail feather
 Here is Kyle below with his class, which did a snow bear went to college skit and Kyle was the snow bear who went away to college but then returned home just in time for Christmas! Notice Kyle has on a Purdue jersey, he told me had to wear it for the program! Notice he also has on a red and white shirt underneath! Ha! Ha! Go IU! Totally thought that one up didn't we!!! The kids had fun tonight and Chad, Jacob and I enjoyed watching them! This program really put me in the Christmas spirit, now if only I can get those songs out of my head! "Up on the roof top click, click, click!"                                                            Lisa

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