Saturday, May 25, 2013

Schools Out!!!!

Finally school is out for the kids! (And I have been for a few weeks!) This past semester seemed to drag by rather slowly for me. Although the highlight of my semester was going to China Town for a field trip! Since I had a class about China our awesome teacher decided to take her classes up to China Town. I did a presentation the week of our trip teaching the class Chinese! Yes, I can speak a little! Let me just say, I rocked that presentation and my teacher and class really enjoyed it! (everyone else did boring power point presentation, so I wanted to be really different from everyone else and use the board. I sure accomplished that!) I had the whole class speaking and writing Chinese during the presentation, it was rather entertaining.

Was was really entertaining was when we went to China Town. I was excited three ladies that I had really became close with over the semesters went on the trip too, which made it even more enjoyable. China Town may only be a couple of blocks long, but wow is it different! The grossest thing for me was walking into the supermarket. As soon as I walked in I had to walk back out! The smell and things I saw hit my stomach and I knew I couldn't handle it. So a friend and I stood outside talking while the others shopped. Later on we had lunch which was good, we ended up ordering a variety of different things to try.
I love looking at the Chicago skyline! See the Willis Tower!

This is the building we stood looking while the others were in the super market! 

Can you see the squid in the window! (its orange and gross!)

 After leaving China Town we decided to head over to Little Italy for some canolli's and Starbucks! That was the highlight of the trip for me! The two areas are very different from each other and I prefer Little Italy! Also, the sun came out when we arrived there, and the people friendlier in that area. It was a great experience and I'm glad I went. Although it doesn't take much to convince me to go to Chicago, I like how different and fast paced the city is from what I'm used to on a daily basis. I like to visit the city, I don't think I could ever live in a big city like that, I like a slower pace of life.

Lindsey went on a field trip a few weeks ago that I had the opportunity to chaperon with. We learned about the canel near by and how life was during that time period on the canel. We also went to the bottom of a gravel pit. (I was rather nervous about it, I have fear gravel pits and how deep they are.) Thankfully we made it down and back up safely, in fact I really couldn't tell that we were 200 feet down in the earth!
The ledge in this picture doesn't look very high up, but it is!
 The dump truck at the top dumping the limestone off to a crushing machine. 

As usual, I enjoyed Lindsey's field trip too! I have thing for field trips, I love to chaperon and I enjoy watching the kids interact with each other along with how they react to seeing something that they only talked about in class.

Not necessarily a field trip, but I helped with Kyle's class for field day last week. I have always enjoyed helping out and watching the kids during field day. This was Kyle's last field day experience at the Intermediate school I felt I needed to be there to watch him one last time along with having fun myself!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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