Thursday, May 30, 2013

Class of 2019!

Exactly one week ago on May 23rd, Kyle graduated from 6th grade! What, how did that happen, how can he be old enough to go to middle school already?! His school makes a big production about ending sixth grade by having a small graduation breakfast for the students and their family members. A certificate of completion is handed out with a tee shirt and awards are announced. Kyle was the first one to be called so I didn't have enough time to run up front to take better pictures! He told me he was glad his class went first and that he was the first one so he could get it done and over with!
 Kyle with his teacher Mrs. J
 He mentioned that he was glad he could sit and watch all his classmates!
I made him take a picture with me! (he was thrilled!)
 Kyle had the option of staying at school if he wanted for his last day, but he was done with school and wanted to go home. I can't say that I blame him, this school was Rough for him. Unfortunately a few of the kids in his class were not very nice towards him this year. The things said to him were very callous and should have never been said. His classmate should have known better than to stab him with a pencil too. He had asked me so many times to home school him and I was so close to pulling him out. Kyle is such a different person when he is at school than he is at home. He is very shy and quite at school, but at home he is neither of the two! One thing that Kyle was excited about this school year was a project he did all himself and ROCKED at it! He has such a creative ability to engineer things out of Lego's and make them work! He made a video on how to build it and posted on my private YouTube account. He presented the video and his Lego model for the class to see and they were impressed with it! Kyle is our engineer in training, he loves to build things out of junk and take things apart and tries to make them work better. I know he has a bright future ahead of him, because he is such an amazing little man (Love You Kyle!)!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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