Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Playing Catch Up!

It's crazy to think that I haven't blogged in almost a year! WoW, where did the time go?! A lot fun stuff has happened over the past year, I'm not sure where to even begin. This past winter was ridiculously crazy, with large accumulations of snow with many very cold and blustery days. The great thing about all the snow was the Mount Everest Chad built with the Bobcat in the yard. When we could, we spent much of time sliding down the "mountain".
**Disclaimer: this post is loaded with pictures!**
Lillian loved riding on the sled!
This was our Mount Everest 
 Lillian like to scoop up the snow while riding to eat! What a tasty treat!
 My angel!
 Snow angel!
 Silly girls
 Even Chad and I rode on the sleds!  
 Apparently the tractor doesn't stop if you fall off!
This was what the kids and I built and played with one weekend, it was a very productive weekend!
 Lindsey was a French Hen, she does speak a wee bit of French!
 Singing Silent Night
 Jacob wanted his front teeth for Christmas!
 Lillian wasn't to sure about that Santa Dude
 Of course Kyle isn't to old for Santa, if there is candy involved! 
 Seriously wish taking pictures of four kids were easier!
 Lillian wanted to see herself on the camera!
 Oh the faces the little girl makes are hilarious!
 Finally I got a good one!
Jacob started Kindergarten! He and Lillian both look thrilled!
 He obviously wasn't too excited!
 He sure was missed by Lillian!
We went to the Indianapolis Zoo, Kyle, Jacob, Lillian, and I pet the little sharks they have. 
Chad and Lindsey didn't! I don't remember why! 
Obviously no picture of that, didn't want to feed the shark a hand or a camera! 
Kyle and Lillian wanted to run with the cheetah, but the cheetah was too tired!  
 So, we hung out with the birds!
 They were so pretty to look at! I wish I had these birds hanging around my house!
Lindsey feeding a bird
 I let the boys play with the snake! (Jacob has a huge fear of the slithering things, just like I do!)
 Yikes, that snake in the picture is giving me the creeps! (No, the snake is not real, its fiberglass!)
 Jacob and I celebrated our birthdays together, as we have ever since he was born! 
Lillian has a bad habit of overshadowing some peoples birthday candle blowing!
I think thats enough posting for one year, I mean day! Those were just some of the things we did last year and earlier this year! Since life has slowed down a little for me, I do hope to be able to blog more! We have so many more memories to make!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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