Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fair Time!

Our county has started on one of the hottest weeks so far this summer, what perfect timing! Kyle had his tractor driving on Saturday, the first day of the fair. He did a great job as usual, he only hit two stakes, I would have hit every stake! I didn't get very good pictures of him this year since someone coincidentally needed to use the potty once it was Kyle's turn and someone else was ready to leave so she could eat and take her nap! Kyle was the last driver when they drew out numbers!
Chad is in an antique tractor club which gets together every year during the fair to show off their tractors. Usually every night during the fair we have a carry-in dinner for all of the members to eat. I made a home aid blueberry pie the other day with fresh blueberries that I had picked myself, with a little help from Lindsey! Lillian was a little less-enthused watching me bake my pie! She even fell asleep with the spatula I gave her!
Lindsey liked holding the little baby chicks!
Lillian liked playing with daddy's hat!
Jacob liked driving his tractor!
He even gave Lindsey a ride!
We've had the little tractor since Kyle was Jacob's age!
That little tractor has been driven many miles by them boys! We still have a few days left of the fair, we didn't make to the fair tonight since Chad worked late and it was way to hot out! I think it's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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