Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catching up!

This post is for catching up with all that is going on! Where do I even begin, well on Friday Lindsey went on a field trip to the zoo/park with her kindergarten class and the first grade class from her school. That morning we left the school about 9:15 and the weather was calling for rain but thank goodness it didn't rain while we were at the zoo/park! I also had to make cupcakes for Kyle class before I left for the school so that they could celebrate his birthday! (His birthday was on Saturday) Here are some pictures while we were at the park/zoo. It is very small zoo, with not many animals, but the park sure is fun!I had two other little girls from Lindsey's class in my group. They were such sweethearts!Lindsey is super strong which she surprised me that she can go all the way across the hanging monkey bars and back while most of the other kids couldn't even get half way! Man I wish I had muscles like that! I have a nephew that goes to the same school and is in the first grade so he got to go with Lindsey's class. I accidentally deleted my favorite shot of them on the tire swing! oops!When the kids went in for the program about animals Lindsey held this disgusting bug from the rainforest sorry I can't remember the name of it! I was big and ugly and eats leaves that's all I know!On Saturday Kyle had his birthday! How exciting, he is getting to the age where he is fine with getting money, which can be a good thing it makes it a little easier! Although we did get him some Nintendo games which was about the only thing that he really wanted! We had plans to go to Lake Michigan and spend the day at the beach and go the the zoo up their but it was way to cold and windy here so it was probably much colder up by the lake! I am hoping that this Saturday will be warmer, I can't wait to go to the beach, I am a huge beach fan!
I am completely exhausted I finally painted my room today! I had plans to do that quite some time ago but I couldn't decide on what color to paint it and I was also looking for a new bedspread and just couldn't find anything thing that I liked! But after much looking I found the perfect one for me, from Rachel Ashwell's Target line! I can't wait to put things on the wall and get everything put back together then I can show you pictures!

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