Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I just wanted to say Happy Mothers Day to all the mom's out there!!! Today the kids and I went to a small amusement park close to where we live, its called Indiana Beach but there really is no beach there or its just very small! We haven't been there for a few years and the kids got free tickets from school for them and two other guest so we went today. It was just Kyle, Lindsey, my cute little niece Jaci, my sister-in-law Cari and I. Chad and Jacob stayed home, it was nice to spend quality time with just the older two! We don't ride on rollercosters or any of the bigger rides so it wasn't too exciting! Here are some pictures of our fun day! OK so Lindsey doesn't get out much she wasn't sure what to do with this when she walked through it!
We spent some time in kiddyland and the kids went boating!We had to go on my absolute favorite ride the Tilt-A-Whirl! (3times) Lindsey must be sleeping!
It did rain after we got there, but it wasn't bad we went in a small restaurant and got a bit to eat while we waited for the rain to stop and it did, in fact it was raining while the sun was shinning! Of course after the rain stopped the kids went to ride on the airplane's and Lindsey noticed that the seats were wet and was like "Mom I'm going to get my pants wet!" Really honey I had no idea! Ha!Ha! she cracks me up! So here goes nothing!We did have a lot of fun although we did miss Jacob and Chad just a little bit!
The little ones had a blast together! Say Cheese!!!This is the present that Kyle brought home from school on Friday just for me! I love it, he is so cool! He didn't want me to see it on Friday when he came home from school he was going to make me wait until today! Thankfully he didn't! I just love it, its so cute also its a pre-annual so we will need to plant it in the ground to come up every year and then put a small herb in the cute little pot!!!I thank the Lord for giving me three little blessings!!! Happy Mothers Day!

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