Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Day At The Beach!

Last Saturday the kids and I went to my favorite places to go in the summer, The beautiful Beaches of Lake Michigan, I know just a little late on posting this but here are some pictures of our amazing day! I took Kyle and Lindsey with me and Chad stayed home with Jacob, so I didn't have to chase around a wonderful two year old all day! I also took my nephew Chase along with my sister in law and her daughter, Jaci. This was Chase and Jaci's first time to Lake Michigan so they were both pretty excited. It's about an hour (north) drive for us, and thankfully it was sunny and beautiful all day for us. I was a little worried that we would get rained out because it was sprinkling as we left my house. Chad said they got about a half inch of rain while we were gone all day, but not for us we were too far north, it didn't rain on our parade! Ha!Ha! Ok so here are just a few of the 303 pictures that I took while we were there! We went to the beach in the morning, it was kinda chilly out when we got there. But that didn't stop the kids from getting in the water! 
             This is one of my favorites of Jaci, it was when she first got her toes in the water! 
Lindsey chasing the seagulls!
The kids buried Chase in the sand.
We went to lunch then came back to go to the Washington Park zoo which is right across the street from the beach that we were at.
 The zoo is built on the side of the a hill so it has lots of steps to go up and down! 
 (my calves sure got a workout!)
Check out the peacock they just walk around the zoo freely!
We then went back to the beach and I took the kids all the way down to the lighthouse, that you can see better in the very first picture. 
On our way back to land, I had all the kids pose individually for me. They were such great sports about letting me take pictures of them! I used Lindsey's for my website so if you love the dress you can find it here
I must say the lighting and time of day was perfect, the sun was getting lower and just beautiful!
Here is one of Kyle! 
One last picture of the beach! LOVE IT! 
I must say it was an absolute wonderful day!
I can't wait to go back, I had an amazing time and I think the kids did too! We didn't get back home until about 10:30pm our time and the kids were still awake! I look forward to going again when the water gets warmer so that we can swim! Lisa

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