Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011!

Once again Christmas is here and gone! This year I really enjoyed myself as we celebrated Christmas in our new house! We spent Christmas Eve with family, all 17 cousins together! For me when we all get together it doesn't seem like their are 17 kids, it seems more like half that! They all get along so well and I know they will have these memories of being together to cherish when they get older. On Christmas day we spent the morning at home opening presents then went to see Chad's grandparents and then his other grandpa. After all that we came home to play all the new things the kids got! This picture was from Christmas Eve when Lillian took some of her first steps all by herself!
Here is three generations, Chad, his dad and Jacob!
Here are 15 of the 17 kids in the family, next Christmas we will have 18! (Who knows maybe even 19!)
Here are some pictures of the kids opening up their presents!
Lindsey being silly with her new American Girl puppy! (Which Lillian loves to play with!)
Jacob finally got his own story bible, he wanted a big kid bible like Kyle and Lindsey but he is still to little for one like theirs.
Lillian enjoys playing with the Nerf gun bullets and even tries to put them in the gun! Look out boys!
Of course Barbie had to make her way home!
And of course more Lego's, we can never have too many Lego's at our house!
After all that excitement Chad went out to the garage and brought this in the house!
And boy was he excited!
This tractor didn't stay long in my house! (One of the tires were wet and got my rug wet a bit!)
Lillian could not wait to get on herself!
She knew just what to do on it, I think she has watched the boys a little too much!
Oh how she loved riding on the tractor, next summer will be fun with this in the yard.
After supper went on a trip which required golden tickets that the kids got! We baked cookies then loaded up in the van to leave on our excursion to see Christmas lights! The kids had to get their tickets punched in order to go on our trip and then once we got back home. Oh dear this post just reminded me that I forgot to wrap and give the boys another Lego thing that I got for each of them! Yikes! I guess they will have a surprise waiting for them tomorrow. We had a wonderful Christmas and really enjoyed ourselves! Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!!!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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