Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Bullying is a topic that had reared its ugly head into our family! My sweet Kyle has had to deal with this issue at school recently. I know that I have had to deal with a bully at some point in my life but watching your own child go through it is hard. This was the first time that we have had to deal with a bully before and hopefully the last! I'm not sure why the child was targeting Kyle but he did. Kyle is such a sweet, shy, caring, fun loving awesome boy!

Kyle has come home off the bus for quite some time now literally upset to tears. Apparently a child on the bus has made it his mission to make Kyle miserable. Thankfully, Kyle has done his best to ignore him and not do anything to get himself into trouble, which makes me proud but I am sure it was hard to do! The last thing I would want is for one of my children to be in a fight, it isn't worth it I tell them.

This bullying had taken place mainly on the bus to and from school, which would be an easy place to do something like that since it's a confined area. Kyle mentioned that it didn't really happen a lot at recess. So on the way to and from school Kyle has had to deal with this bully saying degrading things about him, kicking him and pinching him to name a few! Yeah, not fun! The bad thing about bullying is that it isn't always a one man band, it's seems to be easy to pull in others.

I would have to build Kyle back up again by telling him that those kids are wrong and not worth putting any effort into and how much stronger he is for just ignoring them. I feel the best things to do is just ignore them no matter how hard it is and not to let them know how upset he really was. Thankfully Kyle is not afraid to talk to us about things that are going on at school. I know for some kids it is hard for them to tell their parents about the negative or even positive things happening at school. I am so glad our children know they can always come to us, lets just hope it stays that way as the get older!
Thankfully the bully has been dealt with on the bus and hopefully he won't find another "victim"! Kyle was happy to see that the bully had to deal with the consequence and was doing the victory dance for his patience has payed off! Thank goodness! Blessings Lisa

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