Friday, January 7, 2011

Lillian 3 Months Old!

Oh my Lillie pie, you are three months old today! You are communicating more and more with others. Although, I think you are starting to recognize faces and if it's someone you don't know very well you start to cry! You say aagoo and coo more and also you squealed for the first time tonight after your bath! Which you still really love your bath by the way!

You love your dolly and little quilt I made you to match your big quilt I made! You are staring to drool more, which means I am going to have to make you some cute little baby bibs! Your hands have become quite fun to look at and to chew on! Your size 0-3 month clothes are becoming to short for you, but yet size 3-6 is too long! (Get used to honey, finding clothes that fit right is hard to do!) You did manage to sleep for 6 hours at time the other night, not sure why you won't continue on with that! You are trying to roll over, belly to back, if you only could figure out what to do with that arm that seems to block you from rolling most times!

Here are some pictures of you and your favorite dolly who has been there for you since you were born! She goes almost everywhere you go! I think you kinda like her!

Also you have joined us at the table for dinner! Even though you are not near ready for food yet, we like having you up at the table while making and eating dinner! Most of the time you take a little nap in your chair! You'll soon learn it's for eating not sleeping!
We love you to pieces little Lillie! Blessings, Lisa

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